South Fork State Recreation Area

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Elko 89801

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South Fork Reservoir covers 1,650 acres and is surrounded by 2,200 acres of wildlife-filled meadowlands and rolling hills. It is popular for hunting, camping, boating, picnicking, swimming, ice fishing, winter sports, and wildlife viewing. The park is also known for its trophy-class trout and bass fishing. The reservoir’s constant water levels make it an excellent fishery, but it’s equally popular with boaters and waterfowl, everything from Mallard and Pintail ducks to Canadian geese, Common Coots, American Widgeons and more.With its juniper-rich woodlands, meadows dotted with generous clumps of sagebrush, rolling hills and deep canyons, the South Fork State Recreation Area not only provides ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife but is also a beautiful place for visitors. The lucky few may spot some of the locals, such as the badgers, coyotes, beavers, kit foxes and Rocky Mountain mule deer. Facilities include boat launches, a campground, RV Dump station, restrooms with showers, and a picnic area. located 16 miles south of Elko on State Route 228, the park is open year-round but access may be hampered by snow in the winter months.

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