Lost City Museum, Overton

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721 South Moapa Valley Blvd.
Moapa Valley , 89040

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The story of the long-lived and rich civilization buried beneath the Mojave Desert sand is unearthed in meticulous detail at The Lost City Museum. The artifacts within tell the narrative of people who traveled through and lived in southern Nevada for centuries. Archaeologists have worked tirelessly for decades to uncover and study these pieces of the past to give us a glimpse of what life was like for the early inhabitants of the hot, dry Mojave Desert.

The museum is located on an actual prehistoric site of Ancestral Puebloans who first populated southern Nevada beginning about 300 B.C. On display are an excavated pit house and reconstructed Puebloan houses.

The Lost City Museum offers year-round programs, featuring Kids Day, Native American Day, exhibit openings and archaeological tours.

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