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The trail climbs from Ruby Valley 2,700 feet to Overland lake, along a well marked trail through Aspen groves and meadows with wide open views of Ruby Valley below. there is no water along the 6.5 mile (10.5 km) route until you reach Overland Lake. Fishing and wildlife viewing is available at the lake. A historic cabin is located near the shore, but please leave it as you find it.

Type: Hiking, Horseback Riding

Distance from Elko: 60 miles (97 km)

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Services: Limited services available in Ruby Valley Gorgeous alpine lake at the end of this challenging trail. Top elevation of over 10,000 feet requires at least a three-hour ride each way (14 miles round trip).

Getting There: From Elko, head south on State Route 227 and 228 to Jiggs. County Road 716 leads to the trailhead.