Wigwam Native American Museum

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225 W. Main St.
Fernley , 89408

775-575 2573
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Sometimes, the only thing that can improve an interesting museum experience is an old-fashioned, home-cooked meal. And at the Wigwam Native American Museum in Fernley, that’s exactly what visitors get. The museum is part of the Wigwam Restaurant Casino, a lively spot that’s a favorite of locals and tourists alike. The small museum features a surprising selection of Native American artifacts that is artfully arranged in glass display cases and along the walls. Diners waiting for a table will enjoy browsing the collection of historic arrowheads, primitive yet highly effective stone tools, intricate and beautiful beadwork and expertly woven baskets. The museum’s collection also includes a selection of Western-themed artwork in a range of media. In addition, the Wigwam Native American Museum boasts several authentic Kachina dolls, which are religious icons exclusively created by the Hopi Indians. Kachinas, or katsinas, are meticulously carved from cottonwood root and then painted to depict mythological figures.

Despite the thoughtful displays, the museum’s collections are not presented with descriptions or information. However, the Wigwam’s friendly staff can offer insight into many of the artifacts. The museum is open year-round and is the perfect accompaniment to the home-cooked food visitors enjoy at the Wigwam Restaurant Casino.

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