Northern Nevada

Although horses and cowboy boots haven’t replaced golf carts and cleats quite yet, Nevada’s Cowboy Country comes pretty close. Known for its sweeping views of big skies, untamed mountain ranges and an unparalleled ranch lifestyle, Cowboy Country is a scenic, relaxed and casual place to take a few swings. And in this real life Old West, you’ve got your pick of seven stellar courses.

From the stunning championship course in Elko to a selection of lovely municipal courses and everything in between, Cowboy Country’s range of options is just about perfect. Add to that the old-fashioned western hospitality of the locals and the stark beauty of the open country, and you’re in for one of the most memorable golf experiences that the Silver State has to offer.

Beautiful panoramic views seem to be par for the course on Nevada’s many golf courses, and Cowboy Country is no different. Elko’s championship Ruby View Golf Course offers, as one may guess, stunning views of the grand Ruby Mountains. The Spring Creek Golf Course, nestled at the base of the Rubies, also boasts spectacular mountain views on every hole. And for a truly memorable course that’s as impressive to see as it is to play, head to the Toana Vista course in West Wendover. The Homer Flint-designed course winds through the rugged natural landscape, incorporating rocky waste areas and unpredictable desert winds that will keep golfers on their toes.

More casual golfers will fare well at the player-friendly Mountain View Golf Course in Winnemucca, a pleasant nine-hole course on the outskirts of town. Consider a round here a nice way to unwind after tackling “America’s Outback,” vast public lands that just beg to be ridden, hiked and explored. Another easygoing but still challenging golfing experience can be had at the lovely Chimney Rock Golf Course in Wells. The lengthy course measures more than 6,100 yards and every one is a pleasure to walk, making for a course that leaves golfers truly satisfied. And the same can be said for the rest of the courses in Cowboy Country too.