Museums - Children’s

Whether you and your family are exploring northern or southern Nevada, you’ll find delightfully engaging museums just for children at both ends of the state. The Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada in Carson City features an assortment of permanent and temporary kid-friendly displays and exhibits designed to encourage interactive and age-appropriate play. Kids can explore a miniature Capitol building and sheriff’s office, play dress up with a selection of costumes, investigate the shadow box and distortion mirrors, or play with the fact and trivia board, just to start. Older kids and teens will also find exhibits to enjoy, particularly the new virtual reality metaField Maze, a version of traditional marble maze games. The Children’s Museum also offers programs tailored to infants, toddlers and older children. From sign language workshops to music and movement classes to reading and craft hour and even cooking classes, the well-rounded programs are very popular with both parents and children. In Reno, the new Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Muesum offers hands-on exhibits where kids can build, learn, and play in the clouds!

In the southern end of the state, Las Vegas’ award-winning Lied Discovery Museum not only earns a place among the largest children’s museums in the country, it also features over 100 exciting permanent and temporary exhibits. Measuring 22,000 square feet, the museum features a vast traveling exhibition gallery, an eight-story science tower and a pavilion dedicated to early childhood. Exhibits at the Lied Discovery Museum explore music, arts, nature and humanities with an emphasis on creative expressive and discovery. The museum’s first floor is tailored to young children, with activities including bubble-making, dress up and computer art. On the second floor, older children will find exhibits that emphasize science, communication and technology including a playable laser harp, observable science experiments and much more.

So whether you’re whipping up a tasty treat after playing cops and robbers with your kids at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada, or blowing bubbles and learning the laser harp at the Lied Discovery Museum, both spots offer wonderful ways for parents and children to spend an afternoon together.