Museums - State

For decades, the flagship institutions of the Nevada Division of Museums and History have preserved the relics of our state’s natural and cultural past. The Nevada State Museums in both Carson City and Las Vegas offer fascinating displays, authentic exhibits and incredible artifacts that share the story of Nevada. But that’s just the beginning.

Nevada’s eight state museums are scattered statewide and offer an intriguing glimpse into its incredible past. From the undeniable influence of the mighty railroad to the mining boom to the fascinating culture of the Native Americans who walked this land so many years ago, Nevada’s history is a captivating tale to explore. And our state museums feature amazing artifacts that hold the key to this rich past. Explore excavated pit houses, living quarters of the first people to inhabit southern Nevada. Take a stroll through authentic mine and ghost town exhibits, and see the original Coin Press No. 1 of the historic Carson City Mint. Catch a ride from the East Ely Railroad Depot, circa 1907. Discover the prehistoric monsters that once roamed the Las Vegas area, and don’t forget to check out the watch that belonged to Al Capone. From the once-native ichthyosaur to the birth of modern Las Vegas to the wild, wild West, the incredible story of Nevada is one you can’t miss. And there’s no better way to see it all than in our spectacular state museums.