Shopping - Outdoor Outfitters

With so many visitors escaping to the Silver State for endless outdoor adventure, it’s little wonder that Nevada is also home to an assortment of outdoor retailers. And whether you need gear like kayaks, winter coats, fishing rods, hiking boots or carabiners, you’ll find it at one of Nevada’s many sports and outdoor outfitters.

With colossal outfitters like Scheels and Cabela’s in Reno and Sparks, outdoor enthusiasts in America’s Adventure Place can gear up in total confidence. Both stores feature hunting, fishing, camping, boating and other departments with experienced sales staff on hand to help you find exactly what you need. At Scheels, which has the distinction of being the world’s largest sports store, outdoor lovers will also find areas devoted to biking, skiing, skating and fitness and even a gift lodge. And not only do these giant outfitters stock all the gear you need, they also feature amazing displays. At Cabela’s, taxidermied animals from around the globe, everything from an African elephant to big cats and mountain sheep, are exhibited in elaborate displays. There’s also an enormous fish tank filled with lake and river fish.

Other sports outfitters in Reno and Sparks may not be as showy, but places like Reno Mountain Sports offer a great selection of apparel and equipment for a range of outdoor activities. REI is another excellent choice for climbing, camping, hiking, paddling, snowshoeing and backpacking gear. The store’s knowledgeable staff is ready to answer questions and point you in the right direction, no matter what activity interests you.

In Las Vegas, the Bass Pro Shop is a leading choice for fishing gear, whether your preference is for freshwater, saltwater or fly-fishing. Archers, hunters and campers also stock up here before heading into the great outdoors. The Sportsman’s Warehouse, another premier spot for hunting, fishing and camping supplies, can be found in both Reno and Las Vegas, so you can gear up for that weekend away no matter what end of the state you visit.