Ski - Ski Resorts

With resorts all around the Silver State, there isn't a place in Nevada where you're very far away from the slopes.

Lake Tahoe Region

The Lake Tahoe region is the densest skiing area in the state. There are five resorts within the basin itself and another ten just outside of it. And we're talking some of the best ski resorts--and snow--in the world. The varied terrain makes the Lake Tahoe area one of the most diverse - and exciting - places to plant your skis that we can think of. With its proximity to Reno, there's no limit on the array of activities available for someone skiing in the area. The ski deals are always great right here, and the area is also filled with other activities. You can find information on Lake Tahoe South Shore by visiting, the North Shore information is at, more information on the Reno/Tahoe area is at, and more ski information is at

Outside of Reno and Tahoe

Nevada offers a couple of resorts that are perfect for your visits to the rest of the state. Just a 45-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip is the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort. What better way to spend the week than a few days on the slopes and a few nights hitting the Vegas nightlife? Near Elko, Snobowl represents northeastern Nevada well and the Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski outfit brings the most hard core powder freak to the brink of perfection.

If you're planning a visit to any of the state's great cities and towns, use the map below to figure out which ski resorts you might want to hit up while you're here.