Weddings - Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

If your wedding experience just wouldn’t be complete without the requisite bachelor and bachelorette parties, read on. Sure, Nevada has all the traditional entertainment options for celebrating the bride and groom’s final days of singledom – particularly in fabulous Las Vegas – but you’ll also find a myriad of less predictable options for making the big night a truly memorable celebration.

Bachelor parties have come a long way from topless bars and beers. Consider whisking the groom-to-be off on a thrilling day of world-class skiing followed by a relaxing round of championship golf and topped off with a decadent meal and live music. Depending on the season, a day like this is entirely doable in Nevada and one any fiancée would happily approve! All over Nevada, there are outdoor activities perfect for kicking off a bachelor party. From a run through the downtown whitewater kayak park in Reno to skeet shooting or four-wheeling in some of the more rural areas to a day on one of many lakes in sunny southern Nevada, outdoor adventure is the perfect precursor to a wild bachelor night on the town. Since incredible nightlife is something Nevada does extraordinarily well, that’s no problem either. Both Las Vegas and Reno-Tahoe are bursting with amazing nightclubs, restaurants, ultra lounges and more, in and outside of the world-class resorts.

In fact, one of these spectacular resorts can offer all the amenities for an exceptional bachelorette party. Start the day with a relaxing brunch, then head to the spa for a series of pampering treatments, hit the boutiques for a shopping spree or lounge pool-side in a private cabana before dressing up to take the night by storm. Another option for a memorable ladies’ day? What about a private wine tasting at one of the many wine shops to be found across the state? Whether you’re after something tastefully simple or truly outrageous, you’ll have no trouble planning the perfect bachelorette party in Nevada. And of course, that includes just the right transportation, lodging, dining options and requisite party accessories!