Weddings - Chapels in Nevada

Nevada is bursting with wonderful and well-known wedding venues and settings, but the traditional wedding chapel has to be among its most famous. And while Las Vegas may be known the world over for chapels ranging from quaint and rustic to truly outrageous (drive-thru motorcycle ceremony, anyone?), couples heading to the Silver State with dreams of tying the knot in a chapel can do so at points across Nevada – with or without the motorcycle!

Part of the appeal of a chapel wedding is the ease and versatility they offer. You’ll find any number of packages, price points and themes at chapels big and small to suit all kinds of couples. Besides the free-standing chapels that can be found across the state, many of the resorts and hotel-casinos in Nevada also feature their own wedding chapels. That means places like Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, and of course, fabulous Las Vegas, can all offer the bride and groom-to-be their choice of wedding packages at any number of amazing resorts and hotels or at as many free-standing chapels.

And talk about selection! When it comes to wedding chapels, you won’t find a bigger assortment than here in Nevada. From historical landmarks like the Little Church of the West, made famous thanks to many movies as well as the most celebrity weddings of any other chapel in the world, to Elvis themes at Graceland Chapel to drive-thru convenience at A Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love, you’ll find more variety than you know what to do with. Pledge your undying love in chapels that have married celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jon Bon Jovi, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Kelly Ripa, to name but a few. And the famous names aren’t limited to Vegas chapels, either. Barbra Streisand married Elliot Gould in the state capital,Carson City, and beautiful Lake Tahoe has likewise seen many a celebrity wedding, including those of both Robin Williams and Alicia Silverstone. So if an authentic chapel wedding sounds just right to you – whether you want the most breathtakingly beautiful, hilariously kitschy or historically significant chapel out there – Nevada’s the place to be.