Nevada Maps

Open any Nevada state map and no matter what direction calls your name – north, south, east or west – the Silver State is ripe with possibility. In the northeastern corner of the state lies Cowboy Country. And true to its name, visitors to this untamed land will find cowboys and ranchers living, working and playing in terrain as rugged as it is beautiful. Adventurers can begin their journey in the sprawling region from West Wendover, less than two hours from Salt Lake City. Elko, with its access to the stunning Lamoille Canyon in the towering Ruby Mountains and no end of rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, heli-skiing and more, is just another hour-and-a-half drive.

Had something a little less taxing in mind? Open that Nevada map and walk those fingers to the left into Reno-Tahoe Territory. America’s Adventure Place is home to world-class skiing, the one and only Lake Tahoe, and a thriving arts and culture scene. Visitors escaping from the Bay Area can make the roughly 218-mile journey on Interstate 80 in about three-and-a-half hours. And for the road trip to top all, just find the Pony Express Territory on that map of Nevada. The Silver State’s north central region boasts “The Loneliest Road in America,” a stretch of U.S. Highway 50 that takes visitors along the same path as the fabled Pony Express mail route with much-needed stops from the endless open road in towns like Fernley, Fallon, Austin, Eureka and Ely.

Moving south on your Nevada map, you’ll find the vast expanse of Nevada Silver Trails. Dubbed “The Solitudes,” this sprawling landscape is home to a wealth of extremes, from the tallest point in Nevada at Boundary Peak to the lowest point in North America, a spot in scorching Death Valley National Park. Throw in the eerie and ambiguous Area 51, and this part of Nevada is one you can’t miss.

The extreme southern portion of that map of Nevada is dominated by fabulous Las Vegas and surrounding communities like Mesquite, Primm and Laughlin. Las Vegas Territory is home to world-class shopping, dining and indulgences – and then there’s the gaming. Visitors heading to Vegas from Los Angeles can cover the 270 miles in just about four hours.

In a landscape as incredible as this one, there’s no end to adventure, no matter how you define it. And your Nevada state map is the key to it all. From tiny little mining towns to major highways to critical details like distances and elevations, you’ve got it all at your fingertips.

Download the Nevada Territory Map in PDF

Nevada Driving Distances

From To Drive Time Miles KM
Reno San Francisco 3.5 hours 226 363.3
Reno Yosemite 2.10 hours 137 220.4
Reno Great Basin Natl. Park 6 hours 385 619.5
Reno Salt Lake City 8.1 hours 526 846.3
Reno Portland 8.9 hours 581 934.8
Reno Seattle 11.15 hours 725 1166.5
Las Vegas Reno 6.8 hours 444 714.4
Las Vegas Death Valley Natl. Park 2.5 hours 160 257.4
Las Vegas Los Angeles 4.5 hours 293 471.4
Las Vegas San Diego 5.2 hours 337 542.2
Las Vegas Laughlin 1.4 hours 90 144.8
Las Vegas Zion National Park 2.4 hours 156 251
Las Vegas Grand Canyon 3.5 hours 228 366.8
Las Vegas Phoenix 4.6 hours 298 479.5
Las Vegas Great Basin Natl. Park 4.6 hours 297 477.9