Wasting Arrows

Photo By: Matthew B. Brown

Wasting Arrows

Photo By: Matthew B. Brown

Wasting Arrows

April 2014
Updated: April 2018


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Wasting Arrows


Sometimes as a journalist there are those burning questions you just have to ask: Why “Wasting Arrows”? “We wanted something that was jovial,” says Lystra Pitts, owner of Wasting Arrows Indoor Archery in Reno. “Our motto is, ‘We aim for fun,’ so we wanted people to know not to take us too seriously. A lot of archery places can be really intimidating.”

With that off my chest, it was time to shoot. I clutched the bow grip with my left hand and gripped the arrow and bowstring in my right. I pulled the arrow and string back to the corner of my mouth just as Pitts had instructed, and took aim with my right eye at the sight window. That’s when Pitts, a certified archery instructor, noticed a problem. “You’re left-eye dominant, aren’t you?,” he said. I agreed, and we decided it was probably best I take the opposite approach, this time with my right hand on the bow grip.

With zero archery experience to my credit, on the eight or ninth shot I scored a bulls-eye. And that’s Wasting Arrows in a nutshell—you visit, you learn, you have fun. Reno’s only indoor archery range opened November 17, 2012, and its popularity has been growing ever since. “We’ve had a huge response,” says Pitts, a native Nevadan who has lived all over the state, including the small mining towns of Eureka and Manhattan. “On weekends we’re jam packed; lots of families coming out.”

For serious shooters looking for more of a competitive experience, Wasting Arrows offers that, too. Leagues and tournaments in disciplines such as Barebow, Freestyle, and Bowhunter are held, including a 3D League in which targets run the gamut from bighorn sheep to dinosaurs…foam ones, that is.

Wasting Arrows is an authorized PSE Archery—an American company established in 1971—dealer. It’s open seven days a week, and open range hours vary depending on the day. Guests can also take individual and group archery lessons.

wastingarrows.com, 775-360-8222


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