Burrito Run

Updated: October 2017


For most cyclists, the feeling of the open road is all it takes to put wheels to asphalt.  

But add some kick ass nosh to the mix, and you've got the perfect ride.

A good early morning start down in the Carson Valley, starting near Genoa, gives you five or six miles to get stretched out before you hang a right, drop into a lower gear, and begin the grind up Kingsbury Grade.  It's an 11-mile spin taking you up 800 feet to the Jewel of the Sierra- Lake Tahoe.  

Once you hit Highway 50, you'll tour around the east side of the lake for just under 12 miles, doing a quick 600' climb and hanging a left at NV-28.

Now that you're on 28, it's a nice rolling spin and a quick 12 miles through the High Sierra pines before dropping into Incline Village, where your mouth will start to water in anticipation.

40 miles and a few hours from your morning start, you're sitting on a chair, enjoying the Sierra air, chompin' on a tri-tip burrito, carbo loading with a beer, and thinking, "This is about the most perfect ride *ever*."


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