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Milky Way

By . JOE | June 2014
Updated: September 2017

Milky Way | . JOE

Nevada is the wild, wild west. You can drive into the desert and enjoy the hot sun, crystal clear skies and wildlife. The new moon occurred this weekend, so a couple of 'tographers drove out to Logandale Trails to hunker down into a canyon to escape the light pollution from Las Vegas. This shot was of a nearby canyon in the Moapa Valley of a pinnacle festooned with a very light red light so the majesty of the Milky Way takes center stage. Every time I go on these I am reminded of how human presence effects everything. This night, the slightest movement can be seen by the imager. The soft sand of the canyon transmitted my movements during the 20 second exposure up the tripod legs. Always learning, that's what life is about. Now, "Get off the Road".

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