Testing The Waters With Trapeze

July 2014
Updated: September 2017

Testing The Waters With Trapeze


Ever since reading Sam Keen’s “Learning to Fly,” I have wanted to try trapeze. At sixty-one, Sam was lured to the trapeze rather late in life. I was approaching forty and thought if he could do it, why can’t I? I live in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world! How hard could it be to find a trapeze class? As it turned out, it wasn’t that hard at all.

Thanks to Groupon, I discovered the Terry Cavaretta Trapeze Experience and what an experience it was! I managed to coax two of my friends into trying it with me. We were all scared and nervous but Terry’s team did a great job at coaching us through the program and putting our fears at ease… for the most part! My first time up the ladder, my knees knocked so badly, I thought the platform would collapse! But once I hopped off the platform, it was glorious.

I swung back and forth a few times and dropped nicely into the net. After my friends gave it a go, up the ladder I went again. And my knees knocked just as badly, again! But somehow I managed to build a little confidence this time. This video was caught on only my second try. In my 16 years in Las Vegas, this is still one of my favorite memories in the desert.

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