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Chocolate Shoppe Christmas Chocolates

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Las Vegas Distillery with Awards

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Turquoise Honey and Goldies Rings

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Exterior of Artist's Co-Op in Reno

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Battle born shirts for sale inside Reno eNVy

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Campies Lavender Patch Products

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Hub Coffee Selections

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Nevada Northern Polar Express
JM Capriola Gift Items

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NV Mag Gift Guide

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Gift Gifting, Nevada Style

November 2014
Updated: June 2020


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Gift Gifting, Nevada Style


If you’re looking for a tasty way to warm up this winter, Davidson’s Organics in Sparks is your jam. It’s been on the block since 1976, building fascinating momentum each year. Owner Kunall Patel is a third generation tea grower, working with family in India [along with several other countries] to compassionately grow the tea, which is then imported to Sparks, manufactured into something special, and in turn distributed to tea enthusiasts all over the world. This makes Davidson’s Teas the only operation of its kind in the entire United States! You can’t go wrong with favorites like Earl Grey [Davidson’s Earl Grey, aka the best Earl Grey,] but for the Holiday months, stuff some stockings with blends like Peppermint & Spice or Davidson's crazy popular Herbal Christmas tea…aka Christmas in a cup! Tea aficionado or not, Davidson’s Organics is a totally thoughtful gift to be enjoyed by all ages.  


Follow your nose to Gardnerville's Chocolate Shoppe this winter, where the exorbitant amounts of savory sweets will have you going into sensory overload bliss in no time. Here, you can nosedive into holiday spirit by watching the skilled artistry involved in the chocolate-making process, and pick up a couple of sweet treats to leave out for Santa. You can score some of the best [and largest!] peppermint patties you’ve ever laid eyes on, send some sweet-and-salted caramels off to Granny or hoard the shop's signature confection all to yourself and get your hands on their peppermint bark. Because we all know everything is better with peppermint bark. Release your inner 5-year-old and go bonkers in Chocolate Shoppe, and slip into that deep, dark chocolate coma you’ve been dreaming of. We all know you want to.


What do you gift someone who has everything? An experience. And that my friends, is Exotics Racing in Las Vegas, because who doesn't like the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber in the morning? Give the gift of slinking into a perfectly molded leather seat, dropping the hammer and ripping around a private track at over 100 mph. Or, if your recipient cant quite handle all that sexy horsepower, hook them up with a Ride-Along Experience in a Corvette Z06 with a professional drifter. While Exotics Racing already lures its guests with seductive, brightly colored cars, they’ve added several new finely tuned autos to the fleet, including the Porsche 991 GT3, the Porsche 991 Turbo and the Lamborghini Huracan. Yes, yes and yes. Need I go further?


Maybe you go want to go with the safe route and gift someone the always-welcomed bottle of holiday booze, or you’ve got a major bourbon fanatic in the family you want to impress. Either way, Las Vegas Distillery’s contagious enthusiasm and eye for quality is a sure sign you’re going to walk away with an ultra-unique gift. The Silver State’s largest distillery will keep your head spinning [even before you’ve started sampling their product] with the incredible range of supreme spirits. From rum to gin, and whiskey to vodka, Las Vegas Distillery pretty much has the bases loaded and is sure to please any crowd, but the real crown jewel is the limited edition NV 150 Bourbon. As the first official bourbon released in the Battle Born state, this exclusive liquor commemorates Nevada’s 150th birthday and is a clear-cut way to get one heck of a refined party off the ground this holiday season.


Looking for that perfect Nevada-inspired bauble to gift this season? We can’t think of anything more Nevada that Honey and Goldies custom-made treasures. Headquartered in Reno, designer Lindsay Jones started making magic happen after being inspired by Nevada’s spectacular landscapes. Since launching her business in 2012, Lindsay has been traveling the Silver State countryside in search of the perfect hues of turquoise to utilize in her creations, and we’d say she’s knocking it out of the park. Spend the day in Tonopah mining for turquoise and have her transform your gems into a wearable memory, or choose one of the killer creations she’s already crafted. Even if you’re having a twinge of a weak moment and want to gift this to yourself, we won’t judge. You’ve earned it. Besides, these pretty little things are too good to pass up.


Fifteen minutes at the Artists Co-Op Gallery in Reno is a guaranteed way to dodge crazed holiday shopping crowds and end up with a wickedly cool gift to boot. Featuring 20 mind-blowingly talented artists, check out this Reno staple that’s been around for 48 years and running.  All artists on display are endlessly inspired by the unparalleled Nevada landscapes, and call the Silver State home.  Lock down some gorgeous handmade jewelry, charming Nevada ornaments for the tree, or the undeniably cool handmade bowls whittled from none other than sagebrush, Nevada’s state flower. Pump up your gift giving game this year and check out the Artists Co-Op…We wish you all the best in actually parting with these supremely stunning treasures. 


If you aren’t into decking the halls, at least settle for decking yourself out in the snazziest swag in Northern Nevada with a trip to Reno eNVy. In the heart of the Biggest Little City, this eccentric little shop has single-handedly rebranded the way lots of people view the 775 with its memorable icon: the airstream trailer, Reno style. Get a perfect ensemble for your hard-to-please brother-in-law, or wardrobe the entire family with super-quirky finds that will have you draining your bank account quicker than you can say mistletoe. If gifting a fresh new getup isn’t in the cards, you’re in luck! Also home to the local Visitor’s Center, you can divvy up the ultimate holiday treat when gifting inspiration for an upcoming adventure. Complete with info on just about everything to see and do in Northern Nevada’s heavenly playground, stuff some stockings with state parks guides or Extraterrestrial Highway itineraries to plan the ultimate getaway in 2015. With killer new duds, or a mapped out agenda for the most excellent adventure, how could you not be envied? Get to it!


Aside from roasting chestnuts on an open fire, not much else sounds better than the most lavishly piping hot bubble bath on a cold winter night, am I right? And while you’re combating Jack Frost, you might as well seal the deal with some of the finest lavender products imaginable. With Nevada sitting at the most clutch elevation, Stagecoach's Campie’s Lavender Patch explodes with robustly fragrant essence and is sure to have your friends and family in a zen-induced catatonic state in minutes. Hook your ladies up with an entire basket of goodness, or select a heavenly lotion bar or bubble bath as the most impressive of stocking stuffers. After throwing some elbows in the crazy holiday crowds and prepping the most savory of holiday dinners, treat Mama to a recuperative slice of heaven with some Campie’s Lavender Patch swag. Reclaim your position as the favorite child quick fast in a hurry with this one, friends!


What smells like Christmas morning? Sure, some may say pine-scented candles and peppermint, but our jam is coffee. Deliciously brewed, savory roasts, are sure to lure anyone out of bed on a white Christmas, and if the coffee is straight from The Hub in Reno, it might even rustle Santa out of the sack after a all-night globetrotting marathon. Hub Coffee's three locations, all in Reno, have been hypnotizing the community for years, serving up brain-bending roasts from far away places like Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Tanzania. Stuff one of these glorious little blends in a stocking, crush the work Secret Santa party, or simply gift to one of your caffeine-crazed friends. We assure you this one is a slam dunk.


Snow-brained or not, there’s something magical about a white Christmas that you just cant fight. If you can’t make it to Nevada's winter wonderland in time for the holidays, you can always gift it, or even take it home with you as a souvenir…in soap form. Yep, you read that right. By getting your hands on a crazy delicious hunk of homemade Sierra Snow Soaps, you my friends will be taking home your own nugget of Sierra snowmelt that is sure to last longer than the actual white stuff on the mountain will.  Headquartered in the delightful Carson City 'burb of Gardnerville, owner Michelle whips up each bar herself in her home office, slipping in the most choice ingredients like essential oils, melted down Sierra snowmelt, and of course a whole lotta love. Shred some gnar this winter or shower with the snow gods, it makes no difference. Just make sure you get your hands on this Tahoe goodness in one way or another.


Instead of spending hours digging out and assembling that teensy tiny toy train set to watch unsatisfyingly chug around the Christmas tree, how about gifting a real train experience? Let’s just get serious for a minute…age doesn't matter when it comes to riding the Nevada Northern Railway in Ely, one of the best preserved, continually operating locomotives in the nation, right? Right. If that’s not enough to wet your whistle, sign Timmy up to jump behind the throttle to Be The Engineer of this megaton beast for hours. And if you’re really wanting to kick it up a notch, immerse yourself in a night of adventure and kick it with the train master for a night in the original 1906 Bunkhouse! Give the most legendary gift with a Polar Express-themed jaunt, a once-in-a-lifetime engineering experience, or a night at the museum that will be hard to forget. Any time spent at the Nevada Northern Railway is a good time…make it happen this holiday season!


Make any lingering, unlived Red Rider BB Gun dreams come true with a trip to Elko’s J.M. Capriola Company. Outfitting Hollywood stars, along with a whole slew of cowboys that are the real deal, J.M Capriola’s is the place you can get your hands on some of the most flawless handmade leather goods in the country. Show Ralphie how it’s done when you lock down some custom silver spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle, the most mindbogglingly perfect handcrafted saddle, a sterling silver engraved headstall, or even a personalized pistol and holster set…a few staples every true buckaroo has gotta have. If you want to stay as far away as possible from Ralphie’s nightmare of “shooting your eye out” not to worry, J.M. Capriola’s got you covered there too. Score the last billfold you’ll ever need to buy, a custom creased hat for Dad, or some luxurious silken scarves for Sis. Talk about having yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


Visions of sugarplums swirling in your head? We’re pretty positive this uncommon treat isn’t on the menu, however we are 100% certain a cornucopia of other goodies are…For fruit and veggie enthusiasts, consider tossing a bounty of locally grown produce their way for an entire summer of deliciousness with a Great Basin Basket from Lattin Farms. When you enroll your comrade as a member through Great Basin Basket Community Supported Agriculture [CSA,] they are promised to receive weekly deliveries of mouthwatering farm-fresh goodies straight from Lattin Farms in Fallon. Dropped off at your location of choice, these awesome CSA baskets offer early and late summer fruit and veggie assortments, allowing you to personalize an incredible produce schedule for your loved ones while supporting an wonderful cause. If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, imagine the possibilities with a basket [or 10] of Hearts of Gold cantaloupe?? 

Nevada Magazine

So you’re calling yourself a true Nevada enthusiast and authentic Silver State adventurer, eh? Hate to break it to you, but if you don't have Nevada Magazine as a staple in your travel satchel, you just aren’t. Period. If you want to earn your stripes the Battle Born state, give Night Before Christmas a rest and feast your eyes on what’s been inspiring backcountry explorers for the past 75 years. Get hooked up with some insight on the most incredible hot springs in one of the most geothermally active states in the Union, cast your vote on what you think is the coolest town in our turf, and let your imagination run wild with tales of some mack-daddy road trips. You’ve got the gazetteer, high clearance vehicle, compass and an appetite for adventure …now all you need is the inside scooty with that glossy little magazine in your repertoire. Spark some inspiration and gift this little nugget of heaven, or hoard it to yourself…bottom line is, you best be sure you’ve got Nevada Magazine in your holiday lineup.


With such a mind-blowing number of things to do in one state, use these tools and resources to help you prepare for a safe and unforgettable Nevada experience.


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