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Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Area 51 Museum
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Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Area 51: Myth or Reality?

Updated: February 2018


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Area 51: Myth or Reality? | SYDNEY MARTINEZ

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One of the most illustrious and cryptic focuses of conspiracy theorists, UFO enthusiasts, and curiosity seekers for decades, Area 51 continues to be shrouded in mystery. Located adjacent to the Nevada Test Site, this secluded section of desert has become synonymous with alien spacecraft, beings from other planets, and impenetrable security. However, visitors to the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas can now explore the highly classified world via the award-winning exhibit “Area 51: Myth or Reality.”

Organized in coordination with former CIA officers, military aviators, Area 51 workers, and respected members of the UFO community, the interactive exhibit gives an inside look at the mysterious base.

Visitors receive an authorization badge and secret instructions before passing through a "Q clearance" security checkpoint. They are then greeted by a “man in black” before learning about the Roswell crash, viewing UFO crash site debris, witnessing an alien autopsy, and exploring the science behind space travel.

Guests also have a chance to discover the origins of the nation's MiG reverse engineering program, learn about the trials and tribulations of getting the U-2 spy plane program off the ground, view authentic artifacts from the different spy-plane programs developed in the Nevada desert, and find out about other formerly top-secret technologies tested at Area 51.

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Area 51: Myth or Reality
National Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas, 702-794-5151

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