A Journey to Hobgoblin's Playground

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

A Journey to Hobgoblin's Playground

By RON RIERSON | July 2016
Updated: January 2020


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A Journey to Hobgoblin's Playground | RON RIERSON

I’m born and raised in Las Vegas, and love to explore the many wonders the Battle Born state has to offer. When I first researched the Gold Butte area and saw photos of Little Finland, aka Hobgoblin’s Playground, I knew I had to go! I’m a photographer and always searching for interesting ideas to photograph. The area of Gold Butte is definitely one of the most unique and beautiful regions in Nevada.

I specifically planned my 1-day trip to do time-lapse photography of Little Finland. I rented a 4x4 vehicle to ensure I could reach the area. After winding past the Virgin River down a dirt road, a valley of unique mountains and rock formations slowly revealed themselves. I then followed the washes that lead me around awesome rock formations, which also included some amazing petroglyphs!

After a long off-road adventure, I reached Little Finland. It was like landing on Mars! The red rocks were glowing from the sunlight and the shadows of the clouds were changing their shape constantly. I let my camera capture time-lapse photos of the Martian landscape and was finally able to sit back and enjoy the vast landscapes surrounding me. It was extremely quiet and peaceful; the whole area is a desert wonderland that could easily be explored for days.

I hope to make it back soon to see the other areas that beg to be explored.


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