NEVADA INSIDER: Aurel Baker | Wilderness Athlete

NEVADA INSIDER: Aurel Baker | Wilderness Athlete

October 2017
Updated: February 2020


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NEVADA INSIDER: Aurel Baker | Wilderness Athlete

Reno native Aurel Baker describes why Nevada’s rugged and remote landscapes set the stage for the type of outdoor recreation she’s after. Considering Nevada is the most mountainous state in the lower 48 with 300+ named peaks, Aurel describes why resort skiing at Tahoe’s highest base, and dropping a new line in endless ranges of backcountry skiing are always a top priority for her when it comes to outdoor adventure. But, mountain biking and remote fishing are a close second and third; Nevada’s diversity in trails and pristine, low pressure river and streams are tough to beat. When you distance yourself from the comforts of home and get off the beaten path, it’s not hard to get in touch with Nevada’s solid outdoor adventure situation. The choice is clear, Nevada is definitely the place to disconnect from it all and drop off grid into some untouched adventure experiences. Click to listen to Aurel explain why. #DFMI


With such a mind-blowing number of things to do in one state, use these tools and resources to help you prepare for an absolutely killer Nevada experience.


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