We’re pretty sure that it’s no surprise to everyone that Las Vegas is home to all the flashy, glittering things known to mankind, sure to send any visitor into sensory overloaded bliss and we’re here for it. But, we’re going to go ahead and throw this out there: a lot of the authentic, original neon in Vegas has slowly been replaced over the years with backlit signs or flashing bulbs and is no longer genuine neon. Not even the real stuff anymore?! GASP! Get all up in in this one-of-a-kind show stopping environment, get your fill of limitless entertainment, and live it up. But, to get your fix of some REAL neon—we’re talkin’ the good stuff tucked off the beaten path for the last handful of decades—hightail it to Hawthorne, Reno, Ely or Elko. With endless examples of extraordinary signage buzzing from all corners of the state, just do us a favor and don’t take our word for it. These summer nights in the Nevada desert are heavenly and only last so long, so seize the moment and get out there on some unforgettable #NVRoadTrips to grab onto these buzzing beauts for yourself. #WeirdNevada

El Capitan in Hawthornephoto courtesy Cliff Stone

Centre Motel in Elko

Deser-est Motel in Ely

Holiday Motel in Elkophoto courtesy PunkToad

Copenhagen Bar in Sparks

Wright Motel in Hawthornephoto courtesy David Gallagher

The Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas

Neon Cowboys from The Mapes sign [currently housed in a private collection]

The Commercial Casino in Elko

El Rancho Motel in Ely

Fremont East in downtown Las Vegas

The Club House in Tonopahphoto courtesy Anne Murphy

 Wendover Will in West Wendoverphoto courtesy Neil Pas

The Griffin Bar on Fremont East

Cowboy’s under the first installment of the Reno Arch—photo courtesy the Nevada Historical Society

Atomic Liquors on Fremont Street

The Griddle Restaurant in Winnemucca

El Cortez Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas

Frontier Motel in Carson Cityphoto courtesy Devil Doll

Grand Central Motel in Ely

Desertest Motel in Ely

The second installation of the Reno Arch [among other neon]—photo courtesy Nevada Historical Society

Cowboy from the former Hacienda sign in Las Vegas, now displayed at the Fremont Street Experience

Scott Shady Court Motel in Winnemucca

Fueling Station in Elyphoto courtesy Lyle Reynolds

The Star Hotel in Elko

Historic photo of neon in downtown Renophoto courtesy Nevada Historical Society

Scott Shady Court Motel in Winnemucca

The Neon Boneyard in Las Vegasphoto courtesy The Neon Museum

Wendover Will in West Wendoverphoto courtesy John Schrantz

The Sandman Motel in Renophoto courtesy Devil Doll

The first installation of the Reno Arch [among other neon]—photo courtesy the Nevada Historical Society

The El Rancho in Wells [currently housed in a private collection]—photo courtesy Eric Lynxwiler

The Neon Boneyard in Las Vegasphoto courtesy The Neon Museum

The Fremont Street Experiencephoto courtesy M3phistos

The Centre Motel in Elkophoto courtesy Chris Sault

Mamitas Restaurant in Las Vegasphoto courtesy Stuart

Silver Dollar Motor Lodge in Reno

Historic Boulder Theater in Boulder City

Vegas Vic at the Fremont Street Experiencephoto courtesy Ira Serkes