Shoshone Draftsman: A Rooted Art in Nevada


Garnet Mercantile, located in the heart of Ely, is a clothing department store that has recently expanded into an American Indian arts and crafts distributor several years ago. But, what makes this shop unlike any other is the fact that you can get your hands on locally sourced American Indian clothing and jewelry, produced and overseen by Delaine Spillsbury. As a part owner the traditional Shoshone goods inventoried in her portion of the store lies close to her heart, as she was raised in the Shoshone Tribe of Duck Creek where traditional values were very much part of her life. After becoming an engineering designer, Delaine became completely immersed in her Native artistry full time by becoming a professional draftsman. Her work includes traditional bead work, regalia design, and silversmithing, to name a few. Her talent emerged in high school, and since that time, she has sold a plethora of pieces to locals and visitors passing through Ely – both Nevadans and international travelers – in search of an authentic western memento to take home.