Engines revving. Hearts pounding. Crowds roaring. Adrenaline races just as fast as the cars hugging the turns, racing and pacing to the finish line at the Winnemucca Regional Raceway. WIth bragging rights as the fastest dirt stock track in northern Nevada, once the green flag goes up, embrace the races before you, showcasing International Motor Contest Association (IMCA)-sanctioned SportMods, Modfields, Sport Compacts, Mini-Modifieds, Pure Stocks and Hobby Stocks competing monthly at the Winnemucca Regional Raceway April through September each year. 

The ultimate destination for motorsports maniacs, feel the adrenaline of IMCA-sanctioned stock car classes ripping around the fastest dirt stock track in northern Nevada at the Winnemucca Regional Raceway.

Whether you’re a driver or a race fan, there’s no Nevada auto racing experience quite like the Winnemucca Raceway. Situated northwest of Winnemucca on Jungo Road, this LED lit oval dirt track is ⅓ mile long and 60’ wide, outfitted with pits, more than 300 seats in the grandstands, and a concession ready to offer you whatever refreshments the race itself won’t satisfy. If you’re looking to make a weekend of it, the pits can handle more than 100 cars and trailers, and reserved pit spots are available for $50 per spot, first come first served.

For more information on racing rules, purses and payouts, and a current lineup of events, get in touch with the Winnemucca Regional Raceway’s site (linked above) or call directly at (775) 304-5085.


The Winnemucca Regional Raceway is open 24 hours Friday through Sunday. Closed Monday through Thursday.


Admission to the Winnemucca Regional Raceway varies, based on event and seating. For the most current lineup of events and tickets, visit the Winnemucca Regional Raceway’s site directly by clicking the link above.

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