Pioche Golf Course

783 Golf Course Rd
Pioche, NV 89043

(775) 962-5206

Locals call it a “golf course of the future,” and the Lincoln County Golf Course certainly lives up to its nickname. The nine-hole course is located in the charming and historic mountainside town of Pioche, roughly 180 miles northeast of Las Vegas. And as it was conceptualized, designed and built completely by members of the small community, who raised proceeds for their course with local fundraisers and donations, the course has some interesting features. The distinctive and increasingly popular Lincoln County course draws golfers from all over for surprisingly memorable rounds. The fun, par-29 Lincoln County Golf Course measures a respectable 1,656 yards. It has no grass but boasts artificial turf and fringe, course elements that require no watering – and prompted its nickname. The small course is relatively flat, with a few cedar and pine trees dotted around. The dirt fairways are challengingly narrow, the greens are small and the natural high desert landscaping is abundant, making the rough a choppy and dangerous place to land. A round on the Lincoln County Golf Course typically takes one and a half to two hours, and the friendly course can pose a real challenge to the casual player. The community has big plans for the continued development of the course, and golfers in the area shouldn’t miss the chance to play a truly unforgettable round.

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