The Historic Town of Goldfield

Goldfield was a mega boomtown at the dawn of the 20th century. Visitors today can glimpse into Nevada's heyday through historical buildings and lore.


Goldfield, NV

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Explorers struck gold in the aptly named Goldfield at the dawn of the 20th century. By 1904 the Goldfield district produced about 800 tons of ore, valued at $2,300,000, 30% of the state's production that year. This remarkable production caused Goldfield to grow rapidly, and it soon became the largest town in the state with about 20,000 people. The memorable Earp brothers were drawn to the boomtown, with Virgil even serving as deputy sheriff before his death.

After a major fire destroyed most of Goldfield in 1923, the devastated town was never restored to its former glory. If you’ve driven through Goldfield, you’re probably familiar with the landmark Goldfield Hotel, which is one of many places that are home to another thing the town is known for—ghosts. Goldfield High School, a haven for reported paranormal activity and a popular destination for spirit seekers, is one of 10 stops on the Goldfield Days ghost tours, which occur every year in the town. The tour also includes stops in the fire station, church, telegraph office, and miners’ cabins.

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