First glimpse of water inside Diana's Punchbowl

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Diana's Punchbowl from the road

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Almost at the top of Diana's Punchbowl looking down

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

aquamarine water inside Diana's punchbowl

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Diana's Punchbowl Hot Springs


, NV

Not far from the geographic center of Nevada is one truly fascinating natural Nevada phenomenon. Known as Diana’s Punchbowl or the Devil’s Cauldron, this natural hot springs lies in an abundantly geothermically active portion of the state. With many other hot springs scattered around the dazzlingly scenic Monitor Valley, Diana’s Punchbowl is different than the others, as its scalding temperatures knocks it out of the running for human bathing. 

When attempting to spot the Punchbowl from the distance, it most definitely blends into the desert landscape, initially appearing to be an unsuspecting mound of dirt. However, as your approach this mystifying beauty, what initially appeared to be soil evolves into a somewhat steep volcanic-like surface. WORD TO THE WISE: Park your car and get out and walk up the side. Otherwise, visitors run the risk of nosediving their vehicle right into the springs. Once you sneak a peak over the edge of the Punchbowl, you’ll get a glimpse at the boiling hot springs, which are similar in appearance to the blue green hues of blue holes in the Caribbean. You’ll soon realize why it’s considered to be a Punchbowl or Cauldron, as it’s a 90 degree drop down into the ‘bowl.’ So, the fact of the matter is, even if you survived the scorching water temperatures, you would seemingly be unable climb out of the super steep, sheer rock walls. Please take extra caution when visiting the area, especially if you’re got your dog along for the ride [as dogs are often tempted to jump into large bodies of water.]

Although visitors are unable to actually climb inside the Punchbowl, this spot is without a doubt visually striking and attracts out-of-towers nonetheless. Exuding the quirkiness rural Nevada dishes up, Diana’s Punchbowl is likely the only one of its kind you’ll see in your lifetime, and at a very minimum a great way to stretch your legs on those long backcountry byways! 

One final note: please be respectful when visiting Diana’s, as it is on private property.  As long as you leave it like you found it, all will be good. Happy exploring!

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