Settle in for a weekend of exciting live music, and toss and axe at this two-day music festival in the Biggest Little City in the World. Originally held in Carson City, Battle Axe & Tracks has relocated to Reno in its second year, and uniquely combines some of the best rock and blues musicians on the scene today, with axe throwing, access to all kinds of great food trucks and bars for a festival experience you’ll be coming back for from here on out.

Ready to toss an axe and settle in to hear award-winning tracks? Feast your ears on this two-day rock and blues music festival, make Battle Axe & Tracks at Reno’s Ranch San Rafael Park.

Located at Rancho San Rafael Park minutes from downtown Reno, sign up for an axe throwing competition (included in your ticket price), listen in on many amazing live performances across two stages, and get your hands on all kinds of local food and drinks from a great lineup of food trucks and other food vendors. 

Ahead of the event on Thursday, September 29th, 10 guitarists will go head to head at the Eldorado Reno’s NoVi to determine “Master of Shred”. The winner take’s the stage in Sunday’s musical lineup. The festival kicks off a with a pre show at Cypress Lounge in downtown Reno on Friday night (tickets $15 each), and more than a dozen musical acts will be featured throughout Saturday, and Sunday, with unbeatable musical acts from all over the West.

For a complete list of performers, a full schedule of events, to purchase tickets, day trip itineraries around the northwestern Nevada region and more information about Battle Axe & Tracks, get in touch with the event organizers directly at (775) 387-1876.


September 2 - 3, 2023
8:00am - 5:00pm daily
99 – 450+

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