Located east of Caliente next to the Utah border, Beaver Dam State Park boasts deep canyons, high peaks, unique volcanic rock formations and forests of juniper and pine; an adventure just begging to be explored by mountain bike. This is how the Beaver Dam Gravel Grinder all started—a chance to experience Lincoln County’s beautiful backcountry.

Gravel grinders are mountain bike courses that combine multiple riding surfaces, including gravel, dirt, asphalt, single-track and maintenance or B roads. Riding surfaces range from hard-packed dirt to loose softball-sized rocks.

Though challenging at times, the Beaver Dam Gravel Grinder is meant to be a fun and enjoyable outdoor experience into the Nevada backcountry. Spectacular scenic vistas along the route make grueling sections of terrain worth the effort. Ride individually, or better yet, bring along some mates. Laugh, exercise, socialize, talk, meet new people and create new friendships.

The Beaver Dam Gravel Grinder, featuring 35 and 45-mile course routes, is not a formal race. It’s intended to be a causal ride. However, riders can compete against themselves or others if they choose. The prize is not only the wonderful scenic vistas you will enjoy, but when you reach the end, there will be food!

Registration is open starting March 20th, 2021! For a full schedule of events and for more information on the Beaver Dam Gravel Grinder, click here. To plan your trip to Caliente, please call Lincoln County at (775) 962-8000.

There is a cap of 75 riders, so be sure to register soon if interested.


June 19, 2021
7:30am - 3:00pm

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