Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Astronomy Festival - Great Basin National Park

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Great Basin Astronomy Festival

September 26 - 28, 2019

Join park rangers and experience out-of-this-world family fun, excitement, and learn about day and night-time astronomy.

BAKER, NV 89311

(775) 234-7331

Great Basin National Park has some of the best air quality in the nation, which also means clear daytime skies and incredibly dark night skies.

Don't have your own telescope? There will be many telescopes of different makes, shapes, and sizes for you and your family to look at the sun, stars, planets and other deep sky objects including nebulae and galaxies.

Why come to the Astronomy Festival? There are lots of things to enjoy at the Great Basin Astronomy Festival for all members of the family. Each day have fun looking and learning about our star, the Sun, through our safe solar telescopes.

Enjoy a 'Astronomy 101' presentation, which gives you a foundation for objects you see in the night sky.

Sit down and relax as the park rangers present their night sky themed talents at the Ranger Talent Show.

Then top off each night with viewing through over 30 telescopes—some as tall as 20 feet—with our expert astronomical volunteers at our Star Gazing session. See the highlights of the night sky, including planets and galaxies!

Kids will enjoy earning their Deep Space Certificate (and a Milky Way candy bar) from the Dark Rangers and making special glow-in-the-sun solar bracelets.

Plus many more fun activities, including a free Night Sky Photography Workshop hosted by volunteers at the Park's Dark Rangers. Learn the advantages of various camera formats, how to shoot closeups through binoculars, exposure times for the upcoming January lunar eclipse, composition, and much more to enhance your ability to take beautiful night sky images. Reservations required and will open for registration in Summer 2019. Limited to 30 people. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Click HERE for a full schedule of events and more information on the Great Basin Astronomy Festival. To plan your trip to Baker and Great Basin National Park, please dial the Park Visitors Center at (775) 234-7331 or click Visit Great Basin.

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