266 Signs Your #NVRoadTrip Is Sure To Satisfy

History is amazing and Nevada is full of it, too. We try our best around these parts to pull out the shiny stuff, but holy wow, the Nevada State Historic Markers make sure that we’re playing with all the cards in the deck. With an extraordinary 266 roadside markers to be had, a lot of the markers are located along the main highways, not at the actual historic sites themselves. Whether you want to break up those long hauls with a good solid leg stretch at the markers, or follow the breadcrumbs into the actual historic stomping grounds themselves, paying attention to these beauties certainly makes traveling through this state go from great to already mapping out your next trip back.

Commemorating an impressive span of historic sites and events as diverse as Nevada’s landscape itself, pull over the car to drink it all in, then experience for yourself. Battle Born blue is sure to pulse through those veins, if only for a little while. #NVHistory

Where The Last Stagecoach Robbery In The American West Went Down

Jarbidge Ghost Town

A Particularly Special Courthouse

Belmont Courthouse

20,000 Year Old Beachfront Property 

Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Home Of The Purest Silver Strike In The Silver State 

Hamilton Ghost Town

A Historic District, Known To Attract Quite The Lineup Of Characters Over The Past 150 Or So Years 

West Side Historic District

Nevada’s “City of Churches”

St. Augustine’s Cultural Center

Where The Beer Is As Chilling As The Gunslinging That Went Down Here

Goodsprings Pioneer Saloon

Another Way To Perpetuate The Travel Stoke Within 

Stokes Castle

This United States Mint Turned Museum 

Nevada State Museum—Carson City

Where The Whole Nevada Story Began


A Three-Pronged Desert Oasis In The Heart Of The Mojave 

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

The Most Well-Preserved Pictographs In The Whole Darn Continent

Toquima Cave

Historic School Turned Uber Chic Art Gallery 

Oats Park Arts Center

Home Of A Fortune Telling Silver Baron, A Woman Clearly Ahead Of Her Time

Bowers Mansion

True Grit Turned Movie Magic

Techatticup Ghost Town

A Prehistoric Glacial Lake, With Ancient Monsters Who Are Very Much Alive 

Pyramid Lake

A Nevada State Park With A Little Fire In Its Belly

Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada’s First Big-Time Gold Discovery

Historic Dayton

Where The West Is Still Wild 

A Hot Spring So Special It Caught The Attention Of Twain, And Harnessed The Mineral Miracles Of One Of The Nation’s Largest Geysers 

Steamboat Hot Springs

Where History Is Reclaimed 

Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum

A Hidden Cave, With All The Indiana Jones Vibes To Go Along With It  

Grimes Point Archaeological Site & Hidden Cave

A Place So Close To Heaven We’ll Settle For Paradise

Paradise Valley

One Of The Greatest Records of Ice Age Fossils On Planet Earth

Tule Springs National Monument

A Time Capsule That Was Never Sealed 

Historic Eureka County Courthouse

Pickhandle Gulch And The Mighty Northern Belle Silver Cache

Candelaria Ghost Town

A Window Into The Atomic Age

Sedan Crater—Nevada National Security Site

One Of The Clearest Bodies Of Water On Earth, You Should Make A Point Of Seeing (And Swimming In) Before You Die

Lake Tahoe Nevada State Parks

A Place Whose Masterfully Preserved Churches, Saloons, And Cemeteries Earned The Entire Freaking Town A Spot On The National Register.

Virginia City
We wouldn’t have been inspired to check this stuff out, unless we ourselves hadn’t pulled over to give these State Historic Markers a look. For more information on all 266 Nevada State Historic Markers, like where to find them and the diversity in locations they showcase, click HERE.