Weekend at Spencer’s

Sunday January 10th. We packed our ice chest full of drinks and snacks, hopped in the Subaru, and jetted out to Spencer’s Hot Springs in Northern Nevada Near Austin… in the dead middle of winter! An adventure it was, but we had no idea what to expect… from the 3 hour drive, to getting pulled over for going 102 mph, to the epic views and hot tub like water once we got there. All in all, it was VERY worth it. There is nothing like taking a road trip with great friends and having hilarious and fun experiences along the way. Here’s our story…

As we were driving away, laughing, joking, and acting like little kids, we look down and see that we are going 100+ mph…well, a cop saw the same thing. The cop that pulled us over was actually really cool. Despite getting a ticket, he was pretty funny and helpful with giving us more info about the hot springs that we were in search of.

He gave us further directions, and described the spring bottom like “sticking your feet and toes into a poopy baby diaper…” We all laughed and said, “yea, right buddy!” Well, he was absolutely right, LOL. But it wasn’t bad. It was actually kind of nice, and real. It wasn’t like many other hot springs that are made out of concrete and basically look like a pool with hot water in it.

This is Spencer’s Hot Springs!

We have finally arrived! It was awesome. Simply awesome. As we pulled up, there was a couple and their dog packing up to leave. I offered to snap their picture for them and send it to them once I uploaded it. They were very grateful!

As for the hot spring itself, I’d say it’s about 3-4 feet deep in the middle, and about the size of a large resort hot tub. It would comfortably fit around 8-10 people, although you could squeeze more in there if you had to. It also has a full deck built to put your personal belongings on and keep your towels dry.

All in all, it was VERY Worth it. On the way out we saw people camping with tents about 100 yards away from the spring. Our next trip in the spring season will include camping and a fire for sure. Oh, and if you decide to go during the winter after a snowstorm, it helps to have an AWD or 4WD vehicle… like our trusty Subaru! #NVHotSprings