Nevada Pride Shopping Guide

Show and share some home-state pride by supporting Nevada businesses and giving gifts that can only be found (or experienced) right here in the Silver State. Need some inspo? Check out these inspired gift ideas for the many kinds of Nevada-lovers in your life, from made-in-Nevada goodies you can buy, to safe, fun, only-in-Nevada adventures you can book, and plenty in between. Want to give the gift of Nevada? Read on.


  • Made-in-Nevada Goodies to Wrap
  • Only-in-Nevada Experiences to Map
  • Save Some Silver & Support Your Home State
Discover Your Nevada

Anyone who’s ever met a Nevadan—whether they’re native or “Battle Born-again”—knows we’ve got some serious state pride. We live here because we love it. And why wouldn’t we? Hip, vibrant metros and charming small towns… towering mountains and sweeping desert vistas… wild, intriguing history and a totally right-now arts scene… top-notch cuisine and plenty of tasty ways to wash it down… the list goes on. Quite simply, there’s just a magic to the Silver State. And we want to help you share it with someone special. 

Whether you’re gearing up for a holiday or simply hunting down that perfect something for a Silver State aficionado, show and share your home-state pride by supporting Nevada businesses, and giving gifts that can only be found or experienced right here. 

From wrappable made-in-Nevada goodies to mappable only-in-Nevada experiences, check out these ways to share some Silver State love with someone special.


While you’re out here livin’ #ThatNevadaLife, tag your pics to share the adventure with your fellow Nevadans. If we love your Silver State story, look for your snaps here.

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Spring is here!!! Gotta go out and smell all the things and chase all the bugs. •
It's a #CarsonValleyNV traidition and a
Happy tongue 👅
✨📦 It’s been a while since i’ve felt excited about shooting again. This time I’m trying to teach myself how to shoot better climbing photos and it feels all shiny and new to pick up my camera. ✨✨✨
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 
Do you have any fun photo projects on the horizon or new things you’re trying with photography?

Also if you shoot climbing photos, would love any tips! 🙏🏻 Crashpad #gifted by metoliusclimbing
Look at how red those colors are!
Cathedral Gorge State Park
Planning trips in late Feb/early March are tricky. We had to adjust plans a few times due to weather and permits. Landed on a 12 mile paddle through the Black Canyon, down the Colorado River...making stops along the way to explore and soak in 4 different hot springs, then camped on the beach with an impressive fire, post an under the stars soak adventure. Not sure how I’m going to go back to a life that doesn’t include a daily nature soak 🤷🏻‍♀️ becky.schreiber wins the trip saver award for coming up with plan F that was an A+ adventure and thankful for kkurc for doing all the hard work of steering the canoe 🛶
“You are going to get where you need to be when you are meant to be there. You are going to be guided by endless light, even in the middle of nowhere” Photo of nomadicfare by travelfreak✨words by morganharpernichols
#travelnevada #DFMI #TheTravelWomen
Whose ready for some of this? Have we got a video for you and your crew for this summers #nvroadtrip. Click on the link in our profile. The ultimate #nevada HWY 50 #mtb road trip with mark_weir_mtb yhauswald angry_singlespeeder tealstetsonlee sarah_sturmy johnprolly theradavist and _james_adamson_  #mountainbike #singletrack #awesome #howtonevada #mountaintown #bikes #trails #ridecarsoncity #rideelynv #ridecaliente travelnevada milesendlodgebnb ponyexpressnevada tambatahoe musclepowered carsonvalleytrailsassociation sierratrails imba_us
When you're feeling a little weird, you roadtrip to explore Nevada and gotta see Area 51👽