Starry Sky Serenity

Google light pollution in America, then tell me what you see right where Nevada lies. A dark, peaceful cache, idyllic for stargazing. With some of the darkest nighttime skies in the country, Nevada has managed to escape the encroaching light pollution issues the majority of our bordering neighbors are plagued with. It’s just something you’ve gotta see for yourself, trust us.

Check out the 7,000 stars visible to the naked eye in Tonopah, or see the Milky Way like you’ve never seen it before in Great Basin National Park. You make the judgment call if what you’re seeing is a satellite or a flying saucer near Area 51.

Whether you explore 5 miles, or all 110,567 miles of our countryside, one night spent on our turf and you’ll see why we’re rated the #1 Stargazing Destination in America by USA Today

 Nevada Magazine‘s Great Nevada Picture Hunt, Heath Smith


Star Mill, Neil Lockhart, Gold Hill 


Gold Point, Desert 4WD, Gold Point


Galactic Wheel, Neil Lockhart, Dead Camel Range-Fallon


Red Rock Star Trails, Christopher William, Red Rock National Conservation Area


St. Mary’s in the Mountains, Neil Lockhart, Virginia City


Milky Way Over Great Basin, Derek Demeter, Great Basin National Park


Goldfield Cemetery, Desert 4WD, Goldfield


Tank in Dixie Valley, Neil Lockhart, Dixie Valley


Black Mailbox, Jonathan Stainton, Extraterrestrial Highway


Luminous Campsite, Sydney Martinez, Great Basin National Park


Light Glyphs, Neil Lockhart, Lagomarsino Petroglyph Site


After Curfew, Maureen Bond, International Car Forest of the Last Church


Incline Stars, Neil Lockhart, Incline Village


Lucky Boy Valley, Desert 4WD


Rhyolite Bank, Mac Danzig, Rhyolite


Lesson in Astronomy, Sydney Martinez, Great Basin National Park’s Astronomy Festival


Nevada Jeep Camp Starspace, Tony Vitali, Pyramid Lake


Bristol Wells, Desert 4WD, Lincoln County


Fort Churchill Star Trails, Neil Lockhart, Fort Churchill State Park


Bonsai Stars, Tony Vitali, Sand Harbor State Park


International Car Forest of the Last Church, Maureen Bond


Starry Night in Nevada, Sydney Martinez, Great Basin National Park


Magic Bus, Neil Lockhart, Dixie Valley


Hiking With The Full Moon at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Sydney Martinez

Starman, Carl Jones, Valley of Fire State Park


Harvest Moonlight at Washoe Lake State Park, Sydney Martinez


Moon Rocks Cairn, Neil Lockhart, Moon Rocks OHV Park-Pyramid Highway


Dinner Cruising at Lake Mead, Sydney Martinez, Lake Mead National Recreation Area


Whistling Dixie, Neil Lockhart, Dixie Valley


Bonsai Rock, Neil Lockhart, Sand Harbor State Park


Nevada Magazine‘s Great Nevada Picture Hunt, Michael Wetzel


Nevada Magazine‘s Great Nevada Picture Hunt, Wayne Posner, Goldwell Open Air