Bunkhouse front entrance at dusk

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Bunkhouse, interior of double bed room

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Bunkhouse double bed room

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Bunkhouse Kitchen Area

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Bunkhouse Lounge/Sitting Area

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Bunkhouse communal restroom area

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Bunkhouse Railroad Hallway leading to bedrooms

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

The Bunkhouse

1100 Avenue A
Ely, NV 89301

(775) 289-2085



Spending a night in the Bunkhouse at the Nevada Northern Railway will be an exciting experience to remember! Originally erected in 1906 as the Chief Engineer's Quarters, the Bunkhouse was converted to modern lodging accomodations and lies within an operating rail yard. Located in the center of the rail yard, the Bunkhouse is also used by volunteers and interns of the railroad, and interestingly enough houses the Train Master full time. Much like the crews themselves, the rail yard comes alive very early in the morning as locomotives move about getting ready for the day's bustling activities.

Although the name might deceive you, the Bunkhouse isnt actually equipped with bunk beds, but instead offers several comfortable rooms for your overnight stay. Accomodating up to a total of 6 people, this uncommon lodging option has three different rooms to choose from. Visitors can select a queen-sized bed, or two twin beds, and each room offers all modern conveniences, including electricity, water, heat, communal restrooms, and air conditioning. Furthermore, the Bunkhouse offers a kitchen to suit all your needs, as well as a comfy sitting area to kick up your heels. 

Reservations are strongly suggested, as this unique lodging option books quickly!! 


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