Story Ideas

Journalists are drawn to Nevada for the same reasons as the prospectors, artists, and other audacious characters who’ve shaped our state’s unrivaled personality. Let our team help you discover how Nevada’s do-it-yourself spirit, splendorous wide-open natural spaces, spunky “why not” attitude, and unmatched freedom energize adventurers to come out here and create something magical. 

If you’re looking for your next great story, we know exactly where to help you find it. And if you’ve already got a vision of your own, we can help you make it a winning, memorable reality. Because, trust us: out here, there are still plenty of tales waiting to be uncovered.

Outdoor Recreation

Fancy yourself an adventurer? From hiking and biking to backcountry overlanding, hot spring stargazing, and beyond, if it’s outdoor action you’re after, chances are we have a place your story will begin. And, even better, you probably won’t find it in everyday guide books, blogs, or big-name Instagram feeds. Find yourself scrambling up all-to-yourself alpine peaks, jumping out of a helicopter onto the powder below, chasing dirt-road horizons in search of tale-teeming ghost towns, or zipping around some of the wildest trails and tracks in the country. If you can dream it up, we can help get you there. Get Outside Make It Happen—Download PDF

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Get a glimpse of some standout personality traits that truly make Nevada, well, Nevada—as well as where to find them and how to wrangle them into your own Silver State story.

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