north central nevada

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Northen Nevada

Nevada Regions

Nevada Regions


Pioneers came here for fortune. Today, Nevada Silver Trails offers a fascinating window into the past. Ghost towns pepper the landscape. And who knows what you’ll find along Area 51 and the Extraterrestrial Highway.

North Central

You won’t find much traffic as you drive over mountain passes and through sagebrush-covered valleys. This is home to The Loneliest Road in America, US Highway 50, which retraces the route of the original Pony Express.


Welcome to Cowboy Country, where jeans are always in fashion and nobody stands on ceremony. Out here, Old West hospitality mingles with Basque culture for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.


Let your wild side run free. Northwestern Nevada is full of natural areas for outdoor recreation, historical sites, and an abundance of special events. From Reno to Lake Tahoe, worlds of adventure await.


Where else can you find Venetian canals, the Eiffel Tower and a wild, rushing river all in one place? Only in Vegas. Explore world-class shopping, catch a show, indulge your senses, or just party like a high roller.

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