Salivating for S’Socorro’s


Well, since I love cheeseburgers enough to tattoo one on my arm, one of my goals on my most recent trip through Nevada was to find (and eat) the best burger in Nevada. Now, I was pretty sure I had gotten this quest out of the way early when I paid a visit to the Little Nugget in Reno and got an Awful Awful. (Actually, it was a Double Awful with bacon, but you don’t need to know that) That is one delicious burger, and quite an experience as well. I thought to myself, there is no way we would find a better burger on our journey through rural Nevada, so I checked it off my list and put it out of my mind. That is until I started to hear stories of a legendary burger joint called Socorro’s, that sat right off the highway in a tiny town called Mina.

I had never heard of this burger place, in fact I had never even heard of Mina, but I knew I had to eat there. I tried to get some more information using social media, but it turns out that none of the approximately 150 people that live in Mina are friends with me on Facebook.  So, I just had to head down the 95 and hope that I saw it, and pray it was open.

Through flat tires and pouring rain I continued my journey, and right when I was about to lose all hope, a glowing red shack appeared on the horizon. It called out to me like a bacon-scented siren, forcing me to forget everything else I might have been doing and steered my ship directly to her. I didn’t even need to see the open sign in the window, I could already smell the burger in the air as I parked my van and ran full sprint towards Socorro’s.

The rest is a blur, the anticipation was so great that I can only remember bits and pieces, but once I had that burger in my hand the rest of the world stood still. All time stopped as I enjoyed what was, without a doubt, the best damn hamburger in Nevada! Even though we still had 3 more days left on our trip, my journey ended right there! #NVEats