Located not far from the heart of downtown Reno, The Generator prides themselves on being an inclusive art space, maker space, and community space in the great Reno/Sparks area for anyone who wants to make art and be part of a creative community. 

As dreamers and creators, the folks behind The Generator were originally inspired to start Reno’s first makerspace from the types of enriching experiences found at the annual Burning Man event that takes place each August, working to keep that creative momentum alive throughout the entire calendar year. Working to combine forces and share resources in the name of creative grown and community involvement for all, The Generator has quite the arsenal for the creative mind. 

Featuring industrial equipment and tools, a powerful network of creative minds, 3 phase power and nearly 34,000 square feet of workspace, you can not only count on tons of physical resources, but gain powerful creative insight from professional artists working alongside you. As the perfect perfect landing pad for both beginner and professional artists, The Generator is a benchmark for bonding together as a creative community and an unordinary place to find incredible inspiration. 


The Generator is home to a wide array of artists, builders, and inventors working in many disciplines. It’s not uncommon to find a bevy of artists preparing their larger-than-life installations for the annual Burning Man event that takes just north of Reno in the Black Rock Desert. Using The Generator to create your own art is as simple as contacting them and pitching your idea. All public art supplies are provided as a donation from the members’ of the space, but The Generator also encourages artists to give back by providing canvas, paints, clays, etc., for young budding artists to use. The Generator also provides a face-melting wealth of tools and supplies to help build anything imaginable. Equipped with a wood shop, metal shop, tech lab, and laser cutter, The Generator asks artists to care for the equipment and work on projects consistently and to completion in return. 


Aside from providing the resources to create whatever you can imagine, The Generator also offers a variety of common shops, mentorships opportunities and workshops for members. Referring to these programs as a “Self Organized Collaborative Environment,” The Generator aims to provide the right resources and encouragement to learn, create and invent, with the hope that each participant shares their newfound skills with the larger community. For the most updated schedule of workshops and special events, click HERE.


Much like the founding principles of the Burning Man event itself, participation at The Generator is key. The Generator is home to tons of large projects, over 60 large projects since 2013 to be exact. Home to giant Burning Man installations including Embrace, The Pier, The Ship, The Space Whale and more, each summer The Generator is loaded with teams of artists who flock to the space to make their dreams come to life. Whether you’re located in Nevada or traveling from outside the state, volunteering on a project like this will assuredly be an experience you won’t soon forget. To volunteer, contact The Generator, keep regular tabs on what projects are being built on their website, or sign up for The Generator’s regularly distributed news and updates. To become a member of The Generator, explore your options HERE.

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Northwestern, Nevada