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Nevada always stands out in a crowd. And with intriguing historical sites and natural wonders that remain unspoiled, crowdless, and easy to get to, Nevada’s state and national parks are no exception.

Whether you’re after a quick out-and-back off-the-Strip trip to state and national parks near Las Vegas, or you’re looking to backpack in, tent it up, or park your RV among trout-packed streams, red rock slot canyons, and history-packed locales, let us help you find your Nevada park.


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Whether it’s the newest item on your bucket list or the best wrong turn you ever took, whichever corner of this state you venture to, you’re bound to uncover the kind of unexpected encounters, memorable characters, and only-in-Nevada experiences that make this place so damn special. Get your hands on stunning images, surprising stories, colorful characters, do-before-you-die events, and beyond. And just to sweeten the deal, in addition to sending you our official Nevada Visitors Guide, we’ll throw in our swanky state map, too.

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Park-hop your way through 24 Nevada State Parks, Great Basin National Park, and Beyond

With the largest, clearest, purest alpine lake in North America, it’s no surprise that millions of people from around the globe head for Lake Tahoe National Forest every year. Whether you’re looking to ski, mountain bike, hike, or sunbathe your way around Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of internationally acclaimed spots throughout that Sierra Nevada snow or sunshine that are sure to satisfy your inner recreationalist.

Meanwhile, the Mojave Desert brims with alluring Joshua tree-filled landscapes set against spectacularly vibrant mountains in and around Las Vegas, all the way to Death Valley National Park—the famously lowest, hottest, and driest place in North America. While the vast majority of Death Valley lies in California, discover Nevada’s tiny piece of the park outside Rhyolite Ghost Town, and the entrance to Titus Canyon. Best yet, be sure to see (and stay at!) Beatty and Pahrump, NV—both of which are gateway communities to Death Valley National Park along the Death Valley Rally Road Trip.

Desert and water lovers alike can bask in hundreds of miles of shoreline at Lake Mead National Recreation Area for amazing bass fishing, cliff jumping, and boating in one of America’s most uniquely dynamic places to get outside. 

Investigate fossils from ancient Columbian mammoths, dire wolves, and saber-toothed cat fossils at the Tule Springs National Monument and Ice Age State Park (coming soon); follow the legendary Pony Express Trail through forts and ghost towns in multiple northern Nevada state parks; and discover why “Half the Park is After Dark” beneath ancient bristlecone pines at Great Basin National Park. Whatever adventure you’re chasing, Nevada’s state and national parks will help you find it. Let us be your guide.


If you happened to “find your park” here in Nevada, show us which one—or ones—you discovered. Tag #TravelNevada and let us hike, bike, camp, fish, stargaze, and get out there vicariously through your feed. If we love your photo, you may find it featured here.

Spring Valley: ✅. 16/22 @NVStateParks in the books. Very challenging 3-4 mile hike. @TravelNevada #SteveInParks #BattleBorn #NVLeg #HomeMeanaNevada
Make sure to check out the Ward Charcoal Ovens when you are in Ely!  Photo by ericmencis

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storm clouds moving in to end last night's round of lip ripping. i love this state.
Beaver Dam: ✅. 18/22 @NVStateParks in the books. Fantastic hiking and fall colors! Very close to the Utah border. Definitely coming back to this one. @TravelNevada #SteveInParks #BattleBorn #NVLeg #HomeMeansNevada
Walker River: ✅. 11/22 @NVStateParks in the books. This is Nevada’s newest state park and all I can say is wow. It is stunningly beautiful! @TravelNevada #SteveInParks #BattleBorn #NVLeg #HomeMeanaNevada
Cathedral Gorge: ✅. 15/22 @NVStateParks in the books. Some kind of majestic! And lots of great hiking. Might be my new favorite. ❤️ @TravelNevada #SteveInParks #BattleBorn #NVLeg #HomeMeanaNevada
This guy seems pretty friendly, but at one time ichthyosaurs ruled the ocean. Of course, that was between 100 million and 225 million years ago. Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park is where many of these ancient marine reptile fossils were discovered and is still a popular place to visit along #NevadaSilverTrails today! (📸: travelnevada)
Rye Patch: ✅. 12/22 @NVStateParks in the books. Just outside of Lovelock.  @TravelNevada #SteveInParks #BattleBorn #NVLeg #HomeMeanaNevada
hard to beat views like these.
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