Nevada Ghost Towns and Where to Find ‘Em

“Ghost town.” Just that term alone intrigues with its mysterious, timeworn essence. A place once teeming with thousands of fortune-seekers, pioneers, and others trying to make their way in the mining towns that made Nevada the “Silver State”—and now not a single soul at all… except you and your fellow adventurers. Now get this: Nevada is home to more than 600 ghost towns. As crazy as it sounds, that’s more ghost towns than actual populated ones, making Nevada an unbeatable destination for a solid, off-grid adventure with a hefty side of history. And whether you set off from Reno, Las Vegas, Elko, or anywhere else, you’ll find them waiting for you in every corner of the state.

Nevada’s characteristically dry, crisp climate helps keep the remains of these historic townsites aging gently in a state of “arrested decay.” Relic-strewn ruins of old mining operations, fully intact homes and still-standing structures, thousands of old buildings, and other vestiges of this wild slice of Nevada history still beg to be explored—decades and decades after all these “boomtowns” went bust. Find out where to go, what to see, and how to get there, with Travel Nevada as your go-to ghost town guide.


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Whether it’s the newest item on your bucket list or the best wrong turn you ever took, whichever corner of this state you venture to, you’re bound to uncover the kind of unexpected encounters, memorable characters, and only-in-Nevada experiences that make this place so damn special. Get your hands on stunning images, surprising stories, colorful characters, do-before-you-die events, and beyond. And just to sweeten the deal, in addition to sending you our official Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide, we’ll throw in our swanky state map, too.

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Out of More than 600, Here are a Few of Our Faves

Ghost town guru or not, Nevada makes it easy to get in on this fascinating, immersive chapter of history with ghost towns that cater to all interests. Whether you’re looking to four-wheel your way off the grid to a remote mountain mining camp or take a guided tour within an easy day trip from the Strip, there’s a Nevada ghost town waiting for you at the end of the road. 

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A guy moves to Las Vegas, plays a slot machine, hits a jackpot, and BUYS AN ENTIRE GHOST TOWN. Gold Point Ghost Town might not exist today, if not for the efforts of Herb Robbins and his partners, Chuck and Walt Kremin. History buffs and ghost town aficionados, they’ve lovingly preserved what remains of this old boom-and-bust community. Pack an overnight bag and settle into an original miner’s cabin at the Gold Point Ghost Town B&B, which features family-style steak dinners and a well-stocked saloon fit for a movie set. The stargazing in these parts ain’t too shabby either. 

Gold Point Ghost Town, Mine Shaft, Headframe, NV Ghost Town, Nevada Ghost town
Gold Point Ghost Town

nevada ghost town, nv ghost town, Jarbidge Ghost Town
Jarbidge Ghost Town

Nevada’s elusive northeastern corner is also home to a 19th-century jail outfitted with its original cot at the site of the last gold rush in the American West. One of the most remote locales in the Lower 48, Jarbidge Ghost Town is a “living ghost town,” claiming only 19-ish year-round residents, no paved streets, and only one intersection—and yet, two saloons (because Nevada)—but plenty of ghost stories worth traveling for. While you’re in the Jarbidge area, be sure to check out Tuscarora and Metropolis, too. 

If you’re exploring southern Nevada and the Las Vegas outskirts, get Rhyolite on the sched. If spooky old buildings, a house made entirely of booze bottles, and a nearby burro-themed chilli and beer bar aren’t enough to get you here, zero in on 28 More Excuses to Get to Rhyolite, and you’ll quickly see why this just so happens to be the most photographed and most visited ghost town in the Silver State.


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It’s hard to describe the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere and wandering around a ghost town, but I know I like it. (Jefferson ghost town, Nye County NV)
An old “garage” in goldfield, NV. I stopped on the side of the road to snack on some beef jerky and cheese, stretch my back, before going out for the Milky Way shots. Apparently the hotel I’m in front of is “haunted”. Didn’t see any ghosts, but the donkeys were having a party in the distance. It’s a bit unnerving if you don’t know what they sound like. ————————————————————————
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Remains of a hotel from the late 1800s at Hamilton, Nv. All that still stands is the hotel's safe.

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Despite its short existence (1863-66), a number of picturesque stone ruins can be found at the ghost town of Amador in Lander County.
Check out photos of Amador and 270 other Nevada ghost towns and historic sites @ (link in bio)!
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Exploring the remnants of an old 1800s ghost mining town in Nevada with Granny. #nevada #travelnevada #ghosttown #mining
How do you steal ... a church? In the 1860s, many prospectors left Belmont to move to Manhattan and didn't want to leave their church behind. They rolled the entire building on timbers overnight for 17 miles to its new home. The remaining Belmont residents were angered, but according to our friends travelnevada, here's the weird part ... it's still a sore spot for some residents. Nothing like a 160-year feud between towns! #NevadaSilverTrails #NST #weirdnevada #explorenevada (📷: sydneymmartinez/travelnevada)
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ghost town •

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This #ghostown nestled in the #nevada mountains near Ione was quite the process to get to, but man, we had fun getting there!! There was more snow than we thought so it was good that we brought the quad!! It took about an hour or so to get to it but we finally found it!!! More pictures coming but the exciting part here is that this ghost town has two, TWO mill stacks left standing out of just a few that are left in the state!! Now if we could only get #dumbasses to quit coming to these Nevada ghost towns and vandalizing them, they’ll be around a lot longer for us to see. This is some serious Nevada history people!! Quit spray painting them and shooting them up with your douchey shooting squad. Go to a shooting range you jerks... (end rant)...😂🤣 #stefitniefitnessexplores #stefitniefitnessexploresnv #nvmag #travelnevada #nvroadtrip #roefer
Have you ever visited a ghost town? 

Nelson, site of the most successful gold mining boom in southern Nevada, housed Techatticup mine, famous for being one of the most lawless mining towns of its time, that even law enforcement avoided it completely. 

A spontaneous stop turned out to be one of the most exciting places we visited in Nevada. This stunner, North American T-28B Trojan/Bu, is not an actual crashed plane but stored dismantled at the mine, making this ghost town 100x cooler ✈️

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