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Stories From Nevada

A local take on intriguing places, oddball adventures, and surprising only-in-Nevada experiences around our wild state.


Stories From Nevada are first-hand accounts of excursions around this wild state as told by the people who live here. These local stories recount Nevada legends, where to find the best food and drink, as well as tips and tales about ghost towns, hot springs, Nevada history, and other must-do experiences all over the state.

16 Ways To Give Ordinary Adventure The Heave-Ho

Tapping into outdoor adventure in Nevada is almost a weird guilty pleasure... like you're getting away with something you shouldn't. Read on for 17 ways to grab onto it and not look back.

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16 Ways To Give Ordinary Adventure The Heave-Ho

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Nevada Adventure, On the Rocks

Millions of years of geothermal and geologic activity make Nevada a total rockhound’s paradise. Read on for ways to get down with some dig-it-yourself natural garnets, turquoise, and black fire opal.

Rock On

10 Nevada Hot Spring Pairings—Adventurous Taste Required

The intermingling of Nevada hot springs and any activity under the sun makes for the ultimate saucy pair. Follow your fave Nevada passion and know that, in this rich-soak state, there’s probably a hot spring waiting for you after… or at the same time.

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

26 Nevada Ghost Towns, and the Specs You’ll Need to Get You There

If there’s any better feeling than the dropping off-grid with friends to explore places that made the Silver State, well, the Silver State, kindly loop us in.

Into the Marbles We Go

12 Icons of Nevada

From a precious gem found nowhere else on the continent and a tree older than the Great Wall of China to a creature who can go without water for a year and beyond, Nevada is home to some of the world’s most impressive icons. Read on for 12 only-in-Nevada fixtures sure to spark a passion for this absolutely unique state.

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