nevada off roading

Nevada Off-Roading

Ride Smart and Let ‘er Rip

With 85% of Nevada designated unfenced, public land—this land is literally yours. Thousands of miles of dirt roads, trails, and tracks criss-cross open valleys, desert canyons, more than 300 mountain ranges, and plenty in between, beckoning OHV-ers to come ride. Get the dirt on 36 Nevada off-road trail systems, state rules and regs, and tips to ride safe. Discover hundreds of off-road trails near Las Vegas and Reno, along with some of the Lower 48’s most remote backcountry rides—along with touring companies and OHV rental outfits to get you on (or rather, off) the road. From topping high passes in the Jarbidge Wilderness Area to overlanding High Rock Canyon to dipping a sand paddle or two into Sand Mountain’s Super Bowl and far, far beyond, ride safe and let ‘er rip.

All Nevada Off-Roading
All Nevada Off-Roading
  • The Silver State Off-Highway Vehicle Trail
  • Mountainous Sand Dunes & the Most Remote Trails in the USA
  • Get in the Know: Off-Roading Etiquette 101

With the most public land in the Lower 48—this land is literally yours. Flex those freedom muscles while OHV-ing thousands of miles of dirt roads, trails, and tracks criss-crossing open valleys, desert canyons, more than 300 mountain ranges, and everything between.

Get the Dirt: The Best Nevada OHV Trails and Rides

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Nevada OHV trails are unlike anywhere else’s—seriously. From caravanning across a nationally-recognized state-spanning trail system to watching the needle climb on lunar landscapes to roughing it on some of the most remote trails in the Lower 48—each with unique features that beckon off-roaders from all over the West—come flex those freedom muscles on thousands of miles of Nevada ATV trails, OHV routes, dirt roads, and more.

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Off-Road the Most Remote Trails in the U.S. in the Jarbidge Wilderness Area

The Jarbidge Wilderness Area is located within one of the most spectacular and truly remote corners of the state… and country. Tucked in Nevada’s northeastern corner, this vast region climbs from basin-and-range lowlands to montane zones beyond 10,000 feet of elevation, then plummets into 6,000-foot-deep, aspen-studded, river-cut gorges. Since its designation in 1964, no motorized vehicles are allowed within the slice of this region comprising the wilderness area itself—stick to hiking or riding on horseback instead—but hundreds of Nevada off-road trails run up to and all around the protected section. 

Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, or off-roading hundreds of miles of trails, solace seekers owe themselves an expedition to these rugged can’t-believe-it’s-Nevada landscapes. Spend the day riding around the Jarbidge Wilderness Area, then jump on the dirt roads leading you to historic Jarbidge—one of Nevada’s best “living ghost towns.” Grab a cold one at the two classic Sagebrush Saloons in town, hunker down for the night, then follow more than 65 miles of some of the best dirt road driving on your way back to Elko—or make a full circuit over plateaus, down into river canyons, and among wildflower-blanketed flats, all dotted with know-it-when-ya-see-it camping spots along the Bruneau River Loop.

off roading black rock desert
Black Rock Desert

Ride the Silver State OHV Trail

The long-awaited Silver State OHV Trail is officially open, and it’s definitely a big deal. The first Congressionally-designated off-highway vehicle trail ever loops its way around 260 miles of wild Nevada backcountry. Designed with families in mind, well-marked sections—from easy gravel roads to challenging tracks—traverse high mountaintops and panoramic basins, where elk and antelope roam while great horned owls and golden eagles soar. 

Staging areas and access roads can be found along the Great Basin Highway, while fuel, supplies, and the rewarding prospect of hot showers await in the communities of Caliente, Panaca, and Pioche. Meanwhile, ground is already breaking on vast trail networks both north and south to extend the “SST” from Arizona all the way up to the Idaho border. 

jarbidge offroading
Jarbidge Wilderness Area
Recreate Responsibly

Love this place? Learn what you can do to help care for the land we cherish and keep it accessible for future generations.

OHV the “Super Bowl” at Sand Mountain Recreation Area

ATV and off-roading enthusiasts come from near and far to ride this legendary singing sand dune, just outside Fallon, along the Loneliest Road in America. Created by geologic forces over several millennia, this six-story-by-two-mile-long sand dune constantly moves and shape-shifts, with the exception of one special feature—the Super Bowl. Nestled into the ridge line on the back half of Sand Mountain Recreation Area, drop those paddle tires into an enormous, natural bowl, rip the rolling foothills, or full-send it up the side of this true mountain of sand to make your wildest off-road buggy, Mad Maxin’ dreams reality.  

Travel Nevada Pro Tip

An all-star team of federal, state and local agencies, nonprofits, and more make up the team at Off-Road Nevada, a one-stop shop for maps, KML/KMZ files, rules and regs, and other great info on 67 OHV trail systems and thousands of routes in every corner of the Silver State. Access it on OHV.NV.Gov/Trails, and get ready to ride.
offroading sand mountain
Sand Mountain “Super Bowl”
high rock canyon off roading
High Rock Canyon

Overland High Rock Canyon & the Black Rock Desert

There are fewer places that promise such wide open vastness and diversity more than Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Whether you’re watching the speedometer needle climb in your truck or breezing across its surface on your dirtbike, off-roading the legendary Playa is a must-ride on every motorist’s list. But this dry lakebed is just the beginning to this enormous, 1.2 million-acre national conservation and wilderness area, boasting some of the Silver State’s most rugged canyons, pristine hot springs, and miles upon miles of trails. 

The area is home to a federally protected, 180-mile stretch of historic emigrant trails used by early pioneers making their way west. As you explore this spectacularly wild section of northwestern Nevada, follow historic markers along hundreds of miles of routes that have been navigated (albeit much more slowly than you) for more than a century, in places like Soldier Meadows, High Rock Canyon, and beyond. 

Rock Crawling at Moon Rocks Nevada

Loaded with enormous, house-sized slick granite rock formations, it’s easy to feel like you’re takin’ a rip on the moon at this Reno-area off-roading fave. Found between Reno and Pyramid Lake, locals have dubbed this set of Nevada UTV trails “Moon Rocks,” although it’s officially called the Hungry Valley Recreational Area. Under the watchful eye of BLM Nevada, these public lands make for great riding, rock crawling, and UTV-ing. With extensive trails in every direction, make a weekend out of it and settle into Moon Rocks to camp, but be sure to pack your GPS to navigate this otherworldly landscape safely. 

moon rocks off roading
Moon Rocks

ATV at Amargosa Big Dune

Another Silver State geologic wonder awaits in the arid Amargosa Valley—a quick 100 miles north of Las Vegas along Nevada’s Free-Range Art Highway. Riders from all over the region come to this ancient dune field for some of the best off-highway vehicle and ATV riding in Nevada. Like Sand Mountain, Amargosa sand dunes migrate—moving and changing constantly, but generally remain several hundred feet tall. See if you can hear the dune BOOM while you’re here, but be sure to keep a watchful eye for four critically sensitive species of beetle who live here—and nowhere else on Earth. 

nevada 4x4
Desert National National Wildlife Refuge

Further north of Sin City, head for even more off-road trails in the far-reaching Logandale Trails System. Made up of more than 200 miles of trails equipped to handle ATV riders, OHVs, 4×4 rigs, and everything in between, riding this impressive trail system is one of the best ways to get to know Moapa Valley and the history and wildlife within. Ride through ancient petroglyphs left by the region’s first peoples, along with tons of specialized wildlife and rare plants that thrive here—and in many cases are found nowhere else in the world.

blue off road vehicles lined up on las vegas off roading trails
Vegas Off-Road Tours

Ride Las Vegas on Mormon Well Road & the Logandale Trails

There’s no better feeling than heading out for a day of adventure, then cleaning up and heading out on the town for a night of world-class luxury and entertainment. Get a little grit in those teeth along a vast network of trails systems surrounding the Las Vegas Valley with a handful of outfits ready to set you up with guided tours and all the right gear you’ll need for a comfortable day exploring the Mojave Desert. Just north of Las Vegas, head for Mormon Well Road—a favorite Nevada 4X4 trail among Las Vegans and visitors alike—that stretches through Desert National Wildlife Refuge along well maintained dirt roads. 

Get in the Know:
Off-Road Vehicle Types & Off-Roading Tips & Tricks

Ready to get on the trails? We can’t blame ya. Just be sure to get the lowdown on all the ways to stay safe out there on the rides of your life. Before you head out into Nevada’s wild open spaces, get your hands on a Nevada off-road map—or better yet, a GPS device—then carry it with you when you’re out on the trails. You can pick one up from most off-road vehicles dealers found throughout the state, along with a handful of rental outfits in Reno, Las Vegas and Mesquite, too. Tons of Nevada trail systems are so well maintained you can head out for a Sunday drive in your pickup truck or any dual-terrain vehicle, but make sure you know where you’re going and what type of terrain lies ahead, and that you are confident your vehicle is equipped with the road abilities you need it to deliver. 

nevada off road motorcycle
Black Rock Desert
jarbidge wilderness off roading
Jarbidge Wilderness Area

Aside from getting a map and lay of the land, professionals at these outfits will be sure you’ve got the right rig for the job. Offering guided tours or multi-day rentals, they can set you up with the right off-road vehicles for your adventure, ranging from ATVs, dune buggies and sand rails, rock crawlers, and beyond. The most common (and comfy!) way to see Nevada’s thousands of miles of trails is on side-by-side OHVs, some of which come equipped with more bells and whistles than a Cadillac. (No, seriously.)

Equipped with everything from locking differentials to hill descent and crawl control, not to mention souped-up skid plates and air suspension, these fully loaded off-road buggies will make those extreme approach and departure angles feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Aside from working with a professional to get the right setup, be sure to live by the Dirt Road Code while you’re out exploring Nevada’s backroads, bring plenty of water and snacks, and be sure to let someone know where you’re headed, as well as when you’ll be back, too. 

Create Your Own 4×4 Lore

It’s OK to get a little dirty in the Silver State—in fact, we straight-up encourage it. Whether you’re dropping into the Super Bowl, overlanding in the Black Rock Desert, or rippin’ around Mojave, embrace the Dirt Road Code and navigate your way through that sea of sage like a dusty ol’ pro.


As you break land speed records on the Playa, traverse the Silver State OHV Trail, or rip loops around Sand Mountain’s “Super Bowl,” we want all the dirt. Be sure to tag your shots #TravelNevada as your log those pavement-free miles. If they fire up our engines, watch for them here, and maybe even in next year’s Official State Visitors Guide, too.

Getting ready for a whole lot more of this! This weekend I'll be picking up where a adventure left off a few years back. Heading north from the NVBDR to the IDBDR. Stay tuned!
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There's not too many place near Las Vegas that are an oasis like this. 

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Heading up Gold Creek Road to Jarbidge. 
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While road tripping we came across this HUGE Sand Mountain in Nevada. (In the middle of nowhere)! I couldn’t leave without going up it so s/o to the new friends who drove me up here! ⁣
Small little note to always go outside your comfort zone and just ask! If I didn’t ask these wonderful humans I just met I wouldn’t have gone up.⁣
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Eldorado Canyon ATV tour before exploring the famous Techatticup Gold Mine. The area has also been the setting of a number of films including 3000 Miles to Graceland, from which the remains of a fake exploded plane can still be seen.
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