With a dual focus of providing education and entertainment to children and families, the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada in Carson City is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon. The museum offers a range of thoroughly kid-friendly displays and exhibits that encourage interaction and self-paced fun for children of all ages.

The miniature Capitol building and sheriff’s office are perfectly-sized for small visitors, while the dress up costumes, fact and trivia board, distortion mirrors and shadow box, just to name a few, are always popular. Older kids and teens will enjoy the new virtual reality metaField Maze, a room-sized recreation of traditional marble maze games. Visitors to the Children’s Museum will find also several collections that include vintage rocking horses, mineral rocks and HO Trains.

In addition to its permanent and temporary exhibits, the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada offers a range of programs geared toward infants and up. The well-rounded programs include sign language workshops for babies and toddlers, music and movement classes for parent and child, a reading and craft hour, a children’s cooking class and introduction to astronomy in the portable StarLab Planetarium. The exciting and entertaining programs and exhibits at the Children’s Museum are all based on Nevada education standards, kinetic movement, or historical and current culture. They also feature an emphasis on arts, sciences and humanities.

This Location:

Northwestern, Nevada