In about 1857, a man named Klingensmith, a Bishop in the Mormon Church, started a ranch in Dutch Flats north of present day Caliente. Several other ranches were settled between 1857 and 1879. There was a ranch in Caliente where a man named William Culverwell obtained part interest. His brother later bought the rest. Charles Culverwell, Williams’s brother, owned the hot springs, and by 1901, he operated the Culverwell Hotel. It had a Blacksmith shop, a Livery stable and the hotel had hot mineral baths (the baths are still in operation). Many of the houses are still standing on “Company Row” (now the highway through town). The Old Caliente Railroad station is still there and houses the city government offices and library. The train depot, built in 1923, is now a museum that exhibits historical information. The town once reached a peak of over 5,000 residents, but its population continually declined. Small year-round park with 6 pull-thru sites available.

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Central, Nevada