In case you experience a mechanical breakdown, they can fix it for you here on site. All the smiling folks and the great quantity of exciting stuff to do are in themselves cause enough to come here. Outdoors folks generally like this segment of Nevada. Crossroads RV Park is not located in an area with an abundance of activities, but it’s one of those locations where everything is pleasant. Town Creek is one of the streams close by that might be worth taking a look at. Humboldt Wells is an attention-grabbing swamp in the neighborhood of Crossroads RV Park and you’ll hit upon a picturesque lake called Birdeye Lake. Throughout the month of May you get the most rain around here, and July is the month with the least moisture. At Crossroads RV Park during the summer months highs are in the 80’s. Summer overnight lows drop down to the 40’s.

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Northern Nevada, Nevada




Northern Nevada