Commemorating your expeditions in the Silver State with some amazing Nevada merch… does it get better? Sure, there are chotchkies found along the way in every community, but to get your hands on some super well-made swag that really speaks to the heart and soul of the Silver State? It’s a game changer—take our word on that one, guys.

Though Home Means Nevada Co. merch can be found at various places throughout Nevada, the big daddy headquarters is found in south Reno and loaded to the brim with some amazing adventure gear. Here, find top tier quality soft goods, ranging from long and short sleeved T’s, hoodies, tanks, hats, and a variety of other Nevada gear like coffee mugs, totes and more. Best yet, this isn’t your standard state-themed apparel store, the sentiments branded by the Home Means Nevada Co. are meaningful to visitors and locals alike, crooning Nevada pride with sentiments like, “The Heart of the Golden West”, “Ne-Va-DUH”, “Home Since 1864”. All are accented with impeccable graphic design incorporating many of Nevada state icons, like the Desert Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Bluebird, and state shape. 

eNVious yet?


Home Means Nevada Co. merch can be found all over the state of Nevada in various gift shops, you just have to keep your eyes out for it! The Home Means Nevada Co. Reno location is situated in south Reno, near the intersection of South Virginia and Foothill Road, within the South Creek Retail Center.They have additional locations in downtown Reno at the Reno Visitors Center, but their merchandise can also be found at Scheels Sporting Goods, The Flag Store, both Silver and Blue Outfitters in Reno, and the Nevada Day Store in Carson City.

The south Reno Home Means Nevada Co. store is open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For more information on locations, and specific items, dial (775) 376-1115.

This Location:

Northwestern, Nevada