Air Sports

From Las Vegas to Reno, the sky is the limit (literally) for adventure in air sports. Whether you want to gently glide amongst the clouds in a hot air balloon, plummet at exhilarating speeds from an airplane, or soar high above the mountains, Nevada’s bright blue skies provide an air sport for everyone.

If you wish to experience the feeling of calmly floating through the air, take a parasailing ride over pristine Lake Tahoe in northern Nevada. You’ll see blue all around you, including straight below you into the clear depths of this beautiful mountain lake. Or, if you are a thrill seeker, head south to fabulous Las Vegas where you can experience speeds of 120 mph as you skydive from an airplane. As you parachute high over the desert, you’ll be able to see Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Las Vegas Strip. If you fall somewhere in between peaceful and thrilling, try the awe-inspiring experience of hang gliding. Washoe Valley provides breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada and the ranchland below as thermal lifts can take flights up over 17,000 feet. Farther south is Carson Valley where Minden is home to some of the best soaring in the country. This air sport allows a power plane to tow a sailplane high into the sky and then release it allowing the pilot and up to two passengers to soar over 20,000 feet in an exciting, yet tranquil ride through the air.

Take flight and enjoy all the wonderment that air sports have to offer. From peaceful to exuberating, and definitely blue, you’ll find it in Nevada’s skies.