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The cities of Laughlin and Bullhead City on the Colorado River – and the landscape itself – boast fascinating histories that are thoughtfully shared at the Colorado River Museum. The Colorado River Historical Society, a nonprofit organization, runs the museum in what was once a Catholic church in Laughlin. There, visitors will find exhibits and displays designed to bring the area’s past to life. An intriguing collection of photographs and maps, interesting dioramas and memorabilia take visitors through the early steamboats that once traveled the mighty Colorado River, the eras of gold and silver mining, the area’s ranching industry, historic roads leading to and from the river and the unique culture and history of the area’s earliest American Indian inhabitants. Replicas of the area’s significant landmarks are also on display. The entrance to the charming Colorado River Museum is graced by a statue of Laughlin’s founding father, Don Laughlin. Outdoor exhibits include a replica of the old Katherine gold mine and assorted mining equipment. There’s also an intricate model train display that includes mines, bridges and mountain passes, as well as a model of the motel that Mr. Laughlin purchased in 1966. With its fantastic array of exhibits, the Colorado River Museum is certainly worth a visit. The museum is open from September through June.