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Nanny Joe’s Antiques, Retro & Vintage

At the heart of Lovelock’s main intersection is a great place to jump out of the car and get your shop on. Since opening in 2013, Nanny Joe’s Antiques, Retro & Vintage has been divvying up amazing vintage and retro finds for both Lovelock residents and antique hounds alike. Here, visitors will get a chance to get off the interstate and peruse the aisles of an ultra-cool antique store, all in a historic building to boot. Originally serving as Lovelock’s mercantile company, this historic building has seen some years and couldn’t be a more fitting for an antique shop.

No matter what quirky find you’re after, Nanny Joe’s has you covered with its extensive supply of unique kitchen finds, clothing, cowboy boots, books, sewing items, home furnishings, jewelry and more.

For a memorable Nevada antiquing experience, be sure to check out Nanny Joe’s Antiques, Retro & Vintage on your next trip to Lovelock. You might just get your hands on a true Nevada treasure that you can’t buy just anywhere.

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