Located in the heart of northeastern Nevada along the Cowboy Corridor road trip, there’s no better place to pull over the car and load up on sweet treats than Spoon Me Elko. Far more than just your regular ice cream shop, Spoon Me Elko offers delicious self-serve frozen yogurt in more than a dozen flavors (that are always changing) with even more toppings, along with specialty dessert treats like frappes, boba drinks, mangonadas, raspados and more.

From trendy boba drinks and frappes to signature mangonadas, raspados, frozen yogurt treats and more, whatever your taste buds crave, Spoon Me Elko will serve it up. 

Spoon Me Elko is located directly off I-80 on the western end of Elko, within the Elko Junction shopping center. Outfitted with vibrant decor, Spoon Me is the perfect place to cool off with a treat, play a game of pinball, and relax with friends and family. Offering all kinds of frozen yogurt and sorbet flavors, make your own Fro-Yo creation with all kinds of toppings, or get your hands on signature Spoon Me Elko treats like the mangonadas—a Mexican frozen treat with sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors, usually made of mango, watermelon, or lime smoothie topped with cucumber, chili powder, salt, sugar, and even a little citrus juice. Spoon Me Elko also serves raspados— a creamy, shaved ice-style treat—made with many tasty flavors to choose from. 


Spoon Me Elko is open seven days a week, Sunday through Friday from 12:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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Northern Nevada, Nevada




Northern Nevada